Yoga in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand / Uttaranchal

Directory of yoga schools in Rishikesh - gateway to the Himalayas! 

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For descriptions of Yoga Styles and various Yoga Schools, please see our Glossary

Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Purani Jhadi, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh - 249 137 (August to November)
TTC also in Kerala (Jan to Mar) and Open Classes in Dharamshala (April to Sept)
Contact: Phone: 00919567668817 and 00919418331179  /  Email: bhoomaaum[at]
Instructors: Bhooma Chaitanya, Parameshwarji, Swami Yogeshananda
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda
Specialties: Refreshment courses, Rejuvenation courses, Detoxification courses, Ayurveda

Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham

Namaste... We are a genuinely traditional yoga school offering Yoga Teacher Training Courses, open classes and yoga retreats (including a refresher course, a detoxification course and a yoga, ayurveda and rejuvenation course) at various beautiful and peaceful locations in India.
Our teachers have all spent many years studying and living in ashrams and we have so much experience which we enjoy sharing with our students. Most of our students find that they enjoy a healthier, enriched and more meaningful life after completing one of our courses. We serve our students delicious yogic food. For further details, please see our website.

Agama Trika Rishikesh
Academic Yoga Institute   Yoga Studio   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy
Foundation Yoga Courses   Language: English
Address: We are situated in Rishikesh, Uttaranchal, Himalayas.
To find us, cross the Ram Jhula bridge into Swargashram. Bear immediately right and then left. Walk straight and you will see the famous restaurant Chotiwalla on your left. Continue up the twisting sloped path into a large open yard, and Swargashram Gaddi Hall will be right in front of you.
Contact: Email: rishikesh[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Swami Vivekananda Saraswati
Yoga Style: Esoteric Tantra, Hatha, Kundalini and Laya Yoga
Description: Agama Rishikesh teaches the classic program from the beginners' First Month Intensive Course through the third month course level. From there, we encourage our students to continue their studies under the direct guidance of Swami Vivekananda in Thailand.

Ajarya Yoga Academy
Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Yoga Courses
Address: Rishikesh, India Ajarya Yoga Academy
Contact: Tel: +91-120-2450146  /  Email: info[at]
Instructors: Yogi Nagesh, Prajith & Others
Yoga Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga ; Satyananda Yoga
Specialties: Our Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Style, 200 hour Teacher Training Program is perhaps the only such program being offered in Rishikesh, India

RYS 200

Ajarya Yoga Academy (AYA) has formulated an intensive yet composite teacher training course that brings a fusion of the depth of traditional teachings with the intensive physical form suited to contemporary times... a blend of the Ashtanga Vinyasa flow form and rich yoga knowledge.
The Ashtanga Vinyasa style lays emphasis on the Physical Form for further growth in the Yoga path. Through intense focus on body movements synchronized with breath and internal heat generated, body purification takes place enabling one to reach the higher states of Yoga.
Ajarya Yoga Academy is a Registered school with Yoga Alliance USA and trainees passing out from our programs are eligible to apply directly as RYT with Yoga Alliance.
Our 200 hr (4-week Residential) Teacher Training programs are held almost round the year.

For next available dates, please refer to our website.

Akshi Yogashala
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Individual & Group Yoga Retreats   Meditation Retreats
Personal Yoga Coach   Languages: English, Hindi
Address: Yogarden Village: Jonk Ramjhula Rishikesh.  Email:
Instructors: Surinder Singh E-RYT 500, Vivek Arya, Vimal Sharma
Description: Akshi Yogshala is a certified school offering 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses, 300 hour Yoga Teacher training courses and yoga retreats. The school is a meeting ground for yoga teachers, yogis and yoga lovers. Acquiring an all round growth of the students we undertake methods like Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and other healing methods.

Residential Yoga Academy   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)  Meditation Course
Yoga Studio   Personal Yoga Coach   Language: English
Address: The Hotel Om Shanti, near Little Buddha Cafe, Lakhmna Jhula Rishikesh, 249302 Uttarakhand
Contact: Email: info[at]
Description: We are offering the best yoga training programs we have team of very professional and experienced yoga teachers, we welcome learners of all ages. Yoga is a commonly known generic term for the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.

Arogya Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (100hr, 200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Accommodation with Vegetarian Meals
Language: English
Address: Krishna Cottage, Ram jhula, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304, India
Contact: Email: arogyayogaschool[at]
Description: Arogya Yoga School offers residential 100 Hour, 200 Hour, 300 Hour and 500 Hour Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India affiliated by Rishikesh Yogpeeth and registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA. Arogya Yoga School is dedicated to maintain the reputable levels of service and education that our students have come to expect from Affiliated Yoga schools. Arogya Yoga School traces its roots to Rishikesh Yog Peeth.

Arpit Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners   Yoga Retreat
Yogic Accommodation - Independent rooms & Vegetarian Meals
Address: Arpit Yoga School, Near Swarg Ashram Ramjhoola, Rishikesh 249304
Instructor: Yoga Vikash Bisht
Description: Arpit Yoga Place is a yogic platform that understands the requirements and expectations of modern yoga aspirants. It is established by a group of yogis who spent years in studying and analyzing ancient yogic philosophies and modern trends in yoga. It is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA hence provides certified yoga teacher training programs.

Ashram Yoga Study in Rishikesh at IndianYogshala
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Ashram Stay   Yoga Studio   Ayurvedic Clinic   Yoga Therapy
Foundation Yoga & Meditation Courses   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Retreat Vacations
Residential Facilities  Language: English
Address: Rishikesh. Courses beginning every month at:
Dayananda Ashram (May to Sept, Dec to Jan)
Osho Ganga Dham (Oct to Nov, Feb to March)
IndianYogshala - The World of Yoga Knowledge For You...
Contact: Email: indianyogshala[at]
Instructor: Swami Gopal Sharma
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Shivananda Yoga
Description:     The aim of IndianYogshala is to promote a new life style which can save the humanity from fast spreading physical and mental diseases and help people to live a peaceful life through yoga and meditation and to teach ancient Vedic texts into modern languages and this can help science and technology to grow in a way which is not unhelpful to the environment.
Don't wait just take advantage of what Yoga can offer. Yoga encourages you to reflect on yourself and to find your inner peace. It exercises not just your body but your mind as well. With a healthy body and mind, you're on your way to a more fulfilling life.

Ashtanga Rishikesh
Ashtanga Yoga Courses   Yoga Retreats   Language: English
Address: Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh Louise Ellis, Ashtanga Rishikesh
Instructor: Louise Ellis, Email: nathyoga[at]
Description: Traditional Mysore style program. Louise Ellis is certified by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Please contact for further information.
Retreats: Please see Ashtanga Yoga Retreats with Louise Ellis

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga School - Tattvaa Yoga Shala Rishikesh
Ashram   Academic Yoga Institute   Yoga Studio   Personal Yoga Coach   Foundation Yoga Courses
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Rishikesh, Swargashram, Ram Jhula Bridge. On the way to Parmarth Niketan Near Boat Stand.
Description: Welcome to Tattva Yoga Shala in Rishikesh...
Where Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Courses are a journey into the depths of your yoga practice. For those who seek a supportive environment to grow in body, mind and spirit.

Association for Yoga and Meditation Rishikesh
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga Retreat   English
Address: Upper Tapovan, Baba Balaknath Temple Street, Tapovan, Near Laxman Jhulla, Tehri Garwal, Rishikesh
Tel: 07500277709  /  Email: aymindia[at]
Websites:  |
Instructors: Yogi Chetan Mahesh, Chetanya Ji, Yogi Sandeep Pandey, Yogini Maneesha, Yogi Gaurav
Description: At Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM Yoga School), you'll learn the way to observe yoga free from possible injuries. Our courses specialise in position alignment, the art of assisting in postures, and human anatomy and physiology explained in reference to yoga techniques. Our main goal is to help you develop yoga techniques that will deepen your own practice, provide you with a life changing experience, as well as prepare you to teach.

Atri Yoga Center
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Studio   Daily Yoga & Meditation Sessions   Residential Facilities   Languages: English, Hindi
Address: At Laxman squire, Laxmanjhula, Rishkesh
Instructors: Yogi Harish Chandra
Description: The special 200 hr yoga teacher training has been designed to understand and experience the yoga deeply with its full meaning and attention. Apart from preparing you as a resourceful yogic teacher, the 200 hr yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive knowledge about the proper asana, pranayama, madras, bandha, shatkarma, anatomy, physiology, methodology, philosophy, alignment and much more.

Avatar Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Yoga & Meditation Courses   Yoga Studio   Personal Yoga Coach
Residential Facilities   Languages: English, Hindi, Sanskrit
Address: Hotel Yog Vashishth, Near Parmarth Niketan, Swargashram, Rishikesh.  Tel: 00917579153663
Instructor: Yogi Brajesh Sharma
Description: Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is intended for people with a great spiritual interest that are looking to explore it. The course touches each area of yoga and is led by instructors with a solid knowledge of yoga who use their time to present accurate yogic theory. Completing this program will be an incredible metamorphosis for you. This program will strengthen your own practice allowing you to use your own experience to start teaching others with confidence.

Ayu • Spa • Yog
Yoga Studio   Drop-In Classes   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga Workshops
Ayurveda Treatments   Yoga Therapy   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   English
Address: Behind Parmarth Niketan, Geeta Bhawan No 3, Swargashram, Rishikesh
Contact: Email: ayuspayog[at]
Description: We offer a combination of daily drop in classes, yoga workshops and 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 Hours yoga teacher training courses for beginners, practitioners and those with plentiful of experience in the field to gain higher level of Yoga Practice, to suit your needs and time schedule. All the courses offered by us are designed in accordance with the Yoga Alliance USA standards.

Ayur Yoga Teacher Training
Ayurvedic Clinic / Health Resort   Ayurveda Courses & Treatment   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)
Yoga & Holistic Wellness Retreats   DNA Activation by Ayur Yoga Therapy   Panchakarma Detox
Resort Accommodation   Languages: Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Hindi, English
Address: PDI Near Raiwala Railway Station, Raiwala, Rishikesh
Contact: Tel: +91-9997330860  /  Email: Info[at]
Websites:  |
Instructors: Antonina Ramsey (E-RYT 500), Vivek Mohindra (Doctor of Ayurveda), Latika Verma (Doctor of Ayurveda)
Yoga Style: Hatha yoga, Ayurveda
Description: This Teacher Training Program is a harmonious blend of two ancient sciences of health Yoga and Ayurveda. Students are prepared to not only teach Classical Hatha yoga in group settings but also to use Yoga as medicine and therapy in one-on-one and small group sessions. In this course, you will learn how to apply Yoga in an intelligent and tailored way prescribing specific breathing practices, asanas, and styles of yoga to your clients based on their unique constitution or Dosha.
Our program is unique and different from other Yoga Teacher Trainings. Training is done in an intimate atmosphere of a small group in order dedicate more time to each student.
Teaching material: You can save your money. There is no need to buy books for this course. Students will be given a book that will cover all the necessary teaching materials. All material will be sent via email 2 weeks before the course and have to be printed by the students prior the arrival to the course.
The course consists of:
 • Asana  • Pranayama  • Dharana (Meditation)  • Mudra, Yantra, Mandala  • Anatomy  • Subtle Physiology  • Biomechanics of Stretching  • Ayurveda  • Yoga Therapy  • Ayurvedic Yoga
About PDI: Prakash Deep Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences is a Clinic, Health Resort and Training Institute for sincere seekers of Ayurveda, Yoga and Spiritualism. Since 2006 PDI has served as a beautiful, nurturing place where people can come to heal from their physical pain, find emotional freedom, empower themselves, and connect to their inner spiritual life.

Bharat Heritage Services
Academic Yoga Institute   Ashram   Yoga Studio   Ayurvedic Clinic   Foundation Yoga Courses
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Languages: Hindi, English
Address: 273, Haridwar Road, Rishikesh - 249201
Instructor: Vivek B. Gaur
Description: We have 200 hour Certified (Yoga alliance and else) Yoga Mastership (TTC) course, Kundalini Yoga Courses, Yoga for Beginners to Advance levels, Ayurveda Panchkarma, Ayurveda Courses, Reiki Courses, Reflexology, Past Life Regression, Vedic Astrology and Tarot Card Reading Courses, etc.

The Bodhi Center for Yoga and Meditation
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200hr residential course)   Private Yoga Classes
Locations: Center is located at Rishikesh (Uttranchal) and Indore (MP), India.
Contact: Email: thebodhiyoga[at]
Description: Learn Yoga in India with The Bodhi Center for Yoga and Meditation.
Center organizes 200 Hour yoga teacher training, certified by Yoga Alliance USA.
Learn authentic Yoga, Learn from the source.

Bohemian Yogi Tours
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Language: English
Yoga Tours: Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), Udaipur (Rajasthan), Vrindavan (U.P.) Bohemian Yogi Tours with Tara and friends
Contact: Phone: +306971585357  /  Email: email[at]
Website:  |  Our Team
Instructors: Many yoga and meditation teachers and Alternative healers
Yoga Style: Hatha, Bhakti, Kirtan, Mantra, Laughter..
Description: Breathtaking Yoga and meditation tours to North and South India with experienced Yogi guides. A unique opportunity to experience India as a Yogi.

Chandra Yoga International - Yoga Teacher Training In India
Yoga Studio   Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Meditation Courses
Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Tapovan, Rishikesh (September to April)
Summer location: Dharamshala, Himalayas
Instructor: Dr. Sushil Yogi.  Email:
Description: Chandra Yoga International offers professional 200 & 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in some of the best locations in India. The Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to offer maximum exposure to the students with deep knowledge of Yoga philosophy, Sutras, Bandas, Meditation and Cleansing practices. The courses are held at Dharamshala (Mcleodganj), Rishikesh & Goa in India.
Sushil Yoga School studentsSushil Yoga School classDwi Pada Sirsasana

Dayananda Ashram Rishikesh India
Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Arsha Vidya Pitham, Purani Seesham Jhadi, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, 249137, India
Instructor: Yogi Gapal
Description: Rishikesh yoga faculty supplies a whole religious Atmosphere that is suited for the most productive yogic experience in India. To make this yoga enjoy long lasting and superb we've got founded Yoga Alliance Rishikesh in the most efficient position. Phone:+91 135 243 0769

Feeling Soul Good, The Alchemy of Yoga & Sound
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 300hr)   Sound Healing Retreats & Workshops
Address: Northern India in Aurovalley Ashram in the state of Uttrakand, 22km from Rishikesh
Yoga Teacher Trainings also offered in Bali, Indonesia
Feeling Soul Good
Contact: Email: info[at]
Yoga Style: The science of Hatha yoga, infused with Vinyasa and Yin.
Specialties: The Yoga of Sound (Nada Yoga), tuning into subtle vibrations, cultivating awareness through vibration. Mantras, toning, singing and listening
Description: Feeling Soul Good is an international holistic Yoga School offering 200 and 300 hour Yoga teacher training programs, Sound healing workshops and retreats in India and Bali.
Find out for yourself how to live your life according to the Feeling Soul Good philosophies of acceptance, respect, fun and laughter. While doing your 200 hour yoga teacher training in the nature of India or Bali, you will learn in a safe space that promotes respect, acceptance and authenticity while also experiencing the life-changing and healing power of sound and nada yoga. Our passionate and experienced teachers will also support you on your personal growth as they teach you deeper knowledge of yogic practices.
Why Study with Feeling Soul Good?
- We teach from the traditional science of Hatha yoga with mixed blends of Yin and Vinyasa.
- We offer individual and group support throughout the training.
- We encourage you to listen to your own body's rhythm while in the asana practice.
- We provide lots of teaching practices, which helps to build confidence and self-esteem.
- We place great importance on the power of the breath. We provide one hour of pranayama (breathing practice) each day.
- We believe sound is a powerful healing tool to free the voice, build confidence and open the throat chakra so we include Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) on the training. Through exploring the voice using Indian scales, mantras, vocal play, and song.
- All our trainings are held close to the nature to deepen our connection with the elements.
- We believe life is about Feeling Soul Good, and we love to laugh and enjoy the journey of life.
- We create a sacred safe space where every one is supported and nourished.
- We incorporate the mind, body, spirit connection.
- Our extra classes include Yoga nidra, healing, nutrition, rebirthing, sound healing, silence, acro and kids yoga, to mention a few.

Free International Yoga and Music Festival
Address: Swargashram, Ramjhula, Rishikesh
Description: International Yoga and Music Festival is one of the largest festivals in the world capital of yoga - Rishikesh, India. Every year, hundred of yogis, musicians and ayurveda doctors come together under one roof and share their skill and knowledge. This is the best combination of yoga, music and ayurveda. It is two weeks festival from 1st to 14th November every year.

Gyan Yog Path Yoga Center
Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Residential Facilities
Address: Gyan Yog Path Yoga Center. City- Rishikesh, Street- Tapovan
Instructors: Yogachrya Taradutt, Dr. Usha, Yogini Yuko, Yogi Satpal, Yogi Buddhi Prakash
Description: We organize intensive five week residential Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses (RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified) in traditional Yoga school, Rishikesh, India as well as in Europe & Japan. We follow the teachings of Sage Patanjali ji, Swami Sivananda ji, Vedanta and our mission is to educate and train our students to become excellent Yoga teachers in the tradition of Classical Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga World
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr & 300hr)   Residential Facilities
Address: Rishikesh (October to March)
Yoga Teacher Training courses also offered in Dharamsala (April to September)
Instructor: Yogi Pankaj.  Tel: 918894461605  /  Email:
Description: At Hatha Yoga World, we focus on the integration of yoga in one's everyday (yoga as a lifestyle). Our students live and study in a community with their peers and teachers. We approach yoga as a complete system (following Patanjali's 8 limbs) and explore the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits through classes and daily practice.

The Heart of Sound 200-hour RYT in Rishikesh
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Bhakti, Kirtan, Mantra Yoga, Meditation, Restorative Tantra, Vijnana, Yin
Yoga Therapy   Language: English
Address: Parmarth Niketan Ashram, P.O. Swargashram, Rishikesh.  Email: anandrageorge[at]
Websites:  |  True Freedom Coachine 200 Hour RYT Course
Instructors: Anandra George and Stephanie Keiko Kong
Description: Are sound, mantra and chanting calling your heart? Join us in Rishikesh, India for the world's only yoga teacher training focused entirely on the transformational power of sound!

Himalaya Tapavanam - Institute of Yoga and Meditation
Ashram   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Foundation Yoga & Meditation Courses
Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   English
Address: Beside German Bakery, Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh
Instructors: Yogi Manoj, Anjali Krishna
Description: 200Hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Best location with most experienced teachers. Rated Best School for Hatha Yoga Training.

Himalayan Yog Ashram - Yoga Trainings & Yoga Ashram
Yoga Training & Ashram - Living   Foundation Yoga Courses   Yoga Studio   Yoga Retreat Vacations
Residential Facilities   Languages: English, Hindi
Address: Tapovan, a lovely and quiet part of Rishikesh. The ashram is close to Badrinath Road. window view
Contact: Email: namaste[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Yogi Ram
Yoga Style: Himalayan Yoga (Traditional Hatha and Kundalini Yoga taught from master to disciple)
Specialties: Quality Yoga Trainings (7, 14, 21 or 28-day trainings)

Himalayan Yog Ashram - Let True Joy Rule

Are you willing to grow? We welcome you by heart!
The composition of our yoga trainings provides the opportunity to experience the transformational power of Yoga. Himalayan Yoga is a gem of a guideline for everyone whose wish is true growth.
How does it work? According to your wish, time and budget you sign up for a 7 day, 14 day, 21 day or 28 day training.
Yogi Ram and his team will guide you on the training with dedication and devotion.
Hopefully see you soon in our peaceful ashram to uplift consciousness and let true Joy rule.
Yogi RamNauliRiver Ganges

Himalayan Yoga Academy (Yoga Teacher Training Center)
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses   Meditation Courses
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi
Address: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Instructors: Swami Yogananda Maharaj Ji, Shri Surinder Singh, Yogacharya Ashish Koshik, Yogacharya Rajendra Pandey, Yogacharya Naveen Joshi, Swami Atmananda Giri, Dr. Usha Devi, Yogi Kamal Bhatt, Yogendra Mishra, Buddhi Prakash, Swami Premadey.
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha Yoga
Specialties: Yoga Teacher's Training and Certification
Description: Himalayan Yoga Academy has been operating as a yoga school since the last 15 years. Today, HYA is a team of 12 yoga teachers all holders of Master's degree in Yoga and Applied Ayurveda.
Himalayan Yoga Academy Himalayan Yoga Academy (Yoga Teacher Training Center)
See website above for various yoga training programs including Yoga Teacher Certification Program, Yoga Intensives, Yoga Meditation Programs, etc.

Himalayan Yoga Retreat
Himalayan Yogic Treks   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Reiki Course   Meditation
Yoga Retreats   Yoga Studio   Languages: English, Hindi
Locations: Rishikesh and Dharamshala.
Instructor: Swami Prakash.  Email:
Description: Himalayan Yoga School Rishikesh founded by Swami Prakash offers Retreat in Yoga, Reiki Course, Teacher Training Course, 200 Hours Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance, Meditation, Trekking from Santopanth to Swargarohan in Uttaranchal or Uttarakhand, India.

Himalayan Yogshala
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Beginners Course (100hr)   Yoga Retreats (1 & 2 weeks)
Luxury Accommodations & Pure Vegetarian Meals   Sightseeing & Cultural Activities
Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese
Address: Himalayan Yog Shala, Laxman Jhula Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192, India
Instructor: Sabbal Rana
Description: Join yoga TTC courses in Rishikesh, India - Best school for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Become a perfect yoga teacher in India. Email:

International Yoga Festival
Ashram   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities
Address: Parmarth Niketan Ashram, P.O. Swargashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304, India.
Contact: Email: info[at]
Instructors: Approximately 50 world renowned Saints, Yogis, Yogacharyas and Experts in dozens of fields of Yoga.
Description: World famous International Yoga Festival, March 1-7, at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh (Himalayas), India. Revered saints, renowned yogacharyas and yogic experts from dozens of lineages from India and abroad.
International Yoga Festival

Jeevmoksha Institute of Yoga Studies
Ashram   Academic Institute   Yoga & Meditation Courses   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)
Yoga Therapy   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Languages: English, Hindi, Russian
Address: Tapovan, Rishikesh, India
Websites:  |
Instructor: Acharya Vinaychaitnya.  Email: vinay[at]
Description: Teachings of yoga delivered through a matrix of traditional and modern scientific elements of training and learning. We offer Teachers Training, short and long term yoga courses and special retreat. RYS 200

Jivan Chakra Foundation - Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India
Yoga Teacher Training (100hr & 200hr)   Short Courses & Beginners Courses   Meditation Courses
Accommodation provided   Language: English
Address: Ram Jhula Rd, Near Geeta Ashram, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh
Contact: Email: jivanchakrafoundation[at]
Description: Jivan Chakra Foundation is a globally recognised Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India. We offer yoga retreats and 100 hour, 200 hour teacher training programmes. Jivan Chakra foundation is a dedicated Hatha yoga school based in Ram Jhula, Rishikesh. Established with the aim of providing truly holistic yoga courses, our teachers aim to equip their students with ancient knowledge and techniques to transform their practice.

Kaivalya Yoga School Rishikesh
Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh (1 week or 2 weeks)
All-inclusive Accommodations with pure vegetarian Food   Yoga Therapy   Languages: English, Hindi
Address: Om Blessed cottage, Badrinath Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Dehradun
Contact: Tel: 91-8126257393  /  Email: info[at]
Instructors: Amit Ji, Swami Atmajnanda Giri, Yogi Mahesh Bhatt, Yogi Ravinder Padiyar
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha
Specialties: Yoga TTC, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats
Description: Kaivalya Yoga school is located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. It was established with the purpose of sharing the ancient yoga traditions with students from around the world. Kaivalya Yoga teachers believe strongly in the traditions of yoga as they have been passed down in the hidden parts of the Himalayas for many millennia. At Kaivalya Yoga, you will discover a new depth to your yoga practice. Our philosophy sets us apart from other yoga schools in Rishikesh, India in terms of offering Yoga teacher training, Yoga retreats.
yoga classyoga group photoyoga teacher certification

KIRTI - Ki Research & Training Institute
Ashram   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Ayurvedic Clinic   Yoga Therapy   Academic Yoga Institute
Yoga Studio   Foundation Yoga Courses   Personal Yoga Coach   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Residential Facilities   Languages: English, Hindi
Address: A-7 Ganga Sthal, Kailash Gate, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh
Instructor: Maa Gyaan Suveera
Description: More than 50 courses on Meditation, Healing and Wellness taught under one roof! Make your own combo for learning with Maa by the banks of Mother Ganga: Facebook: Residential Programs in Rishikesh with Maa Gyaan Suveera

Light In Himalayas Yoga Center
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Meditation Courses   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Yoga Workshops   Languages: English, Hindi, Punjab
Address: Luxman Jhoola, Rishikesh, India (location hand selected in this area depending on training style and size)
Contact: Tel: 91-999-781-1746 (India); 1-970-567-9191 (USA) / Email: daphnye[at]
Instructors: Yogi Simon Gill and Yogini Daphnye Rupp-Zimmerman
Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow, Traditional Indian Astanga Hatha
Specialties: Yoga Alliance Certified, Yoga Therapy
Description: Light In Himalayas Yoga School is a specialized yoga school that teaches yoga alliance certified trainings, Indian registered yoga education, yoga therapy workshops and individualized programs. We combine Indian yogic traditions with modern adaptations in yoga to create a well balance program for yogic and professional development within the student.

Maa Shakti Yoga Centre
Academic Yoga Institute   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses
Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Languages: English & Hindi
Address: Rishikesh (September to November)
Teaching in Dharamshala (May to July)
and in Goa, South India (Nov to March)
Maa Shakti Yoga Centre
Instructor: Pinki, Email: pinki12[at]
Yoga Style: Hath Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Ashtanga and Partner Yoga (Covered Branches)
Specialties: 200 hours yoga teachers training course (Registered Member of Yoga Alliance International)
Description: Maa Shakti Yoga Centre is one of India's finest Yoga teacher training school. With Having Vast amount of experience in yoga teacher training, we can take your practice and art of teaching to next level. If you want to grow your own practice and increase your skills as an assistant or teacher then we can help you. With the help of this yoga teacher training course you and your students can set new level. We shall provide you advanced applied learning to increase your capabilities of teaching yoga.
Considering that Yoga practices needs peaceful and unruffled atmosphere, our treaining institute is located with the wonderful thoughts of geological calmness. Our institute signifies a flexible, natural and in depth practices of yoga and meditation.

Maa Yoga Ashram
Ashram   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy
Yoga Retreats   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Tapovan Sarai, Badrinath Road, Rishikesh, 249192
Contact: Email: maayogaashram[at]
Description: Maa Yoga Ashram offers yoga teacher training courses, Ayurveda healing, retreats and a lovely organic, vegetarian Ayurvedic kitchen. Accommodation is secure, clean and very comfortable with attached ensuite. Very homely ashram with good access to Laxman Jhula village.

Mahatma Yoga Foundation
Ashram   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Yoga & Meditation Courses
Ayurveda, Reiki & Naturopathy   Yoga Therapy   Personal Yoga Coach   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Accommodation Available   Languages: English and Hindi
Address: Village Ghugtani, post Tapovan, Laxman Jhula (Rishikesh), Dist. Tehri Garhwal 249192 Uttarakhand
Contact: Tel + 91 135 244 26 88  /  Email: info[at]
Instructors: Yogi Ji, Ajay Ji, Truike, Sadhak Om
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga

Mahatma Yoga Foundation

Founded by Sadhak Aum & Yogi Ji, Mahatma Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization built on the path of Universal Vedic teachings (ancient Indian philosophy) with the aim to bridge the gap of knowledge between the ancient and modern worlds. We focus on teaching and helping our students to apply the yogic philosophy and knowledge in their daily life.
Mahatma Yoga Foundation's vision is to impart and spread the ancient wisdom of Yogic and Vedic sciences with the message of love, compassion and selfless service as the path to self-realization and "Universal peace". Mahatma Yoga Foundation is accomplishing this vision through multiple charity programs involving "The Children of Universal Peace" in India and all around the world.
We teach Yoga Teacher Training courses for people who wish to make Yoga philosophy a part of their life and also wish to take up yoga teaching as a career. We organize Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation recognized 200 hours Yoga Teacher Trainings six times every year.
Supervised by a team of "Sadhaks" devoted to humanitarian services, The Mahatma Yoga Foundation transports you to the heart of the mystical dimension of yoga, where the practice of asanas is not an aim, but a beginning for your own spiritual growth.
Often treated as a sport in the Western countries; yoga has gradually lost its spiritual dimension originally transmitted by Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Mahatma Yoga Foundation is fully committed to convey the source of the mystical teachings of traditional yoga (ashtanga) to help you reach your self-realization as a yoga teacher.
Mahatma Yoga Foundation welcomes and trains 25 students in each of its initiation sessions. In order to ensure the successful initiation, The Foundation cares for food composed of Ayurvedic recipes, as well as lodging and physiological monitoring of the students. For this, we generously offer ayurvedic massage sessions to ensure the toning of each student's body, removing the effect of fatigue during the initiation and eventually allow a full experience to Mahatma Yoga.

Nada Yoga School - Traditional Yoga Teacher Training School
Ashram   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Residential Facilities   English
Address: Near Ram Jhula Bridge, Swargashram, Rishikesh
Instructors: Yogacharya Kamal Bhatt, Yogi Buddhi Prakash, Yogacharya Bhuwan Chandra, Swami Atma Giri, Dr. Usha Vaishnava, Yogacharya Naveen Joshi, Yogendra Mishra
Description: Nada Yoga School, located on the banks of river ganga, provides 200 hours yoga teacher training courses with the team of professional yoga teachers in the world capital of Yoga - Rishikesh.

Ojashvi Yoga Shala
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (85hr)   Yoga Therapy
Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats   Language: English
Address: Gayatri Kunj, Swargashram Area, Near Neelkanth Taxi Stand, Rishikesh, India 249304
Instructor: Nagesh Hiregoudar
Description: Ojashvi Yoga Shala is a registered Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Alliance USA (YA ID : 154072), engaged in the programmes of Yoga Teacher Training, Promotion and Coordination of Yoga Education, in all its aspects.

Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh (Himalayas)
Address: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Description: A spiritual reunion of body and soul through yoga on the banks of the Holy Ganges River, at Rishikesh (Himalayas), India. Ancient and traditional forms of yoga are taught. Some of the classes are in English for our frequent Western guests and others are in Hindi.

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (PIYF)
Ashram   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Yoga Studio   Yoga Therapy   Academic Yoga Institute
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses   Personal Yoga Coach   Corporate Yoga
Language: English
Address: Tapovan, Luxmajhulla, Rishikesh Dr Jitendra Das
Contact: Phone: +91 94 11 36 18 25  /  Email: piyft[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Dr. Jitendra Das (Ph.D)
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga "Ancient Yoga Style"
Specialties: "YOGA" has completed research on Yoga and Ayurveda

E-RYT 200
RYS 200

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (PIYF) offers professional Certified Yoga Teachers Training Course and Certified Yoga-Ayurveda Therapy Course. Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.
asana yoga classgroup photomudra class

Rishikesh Nath Yog Shala
Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Foundation Yoga & Meditation Workshops
Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   English
3 Locations: Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Goa
Instructor: Yogi Ajay
Description: Yoga Teacher training in India 3 Locations Rishikesh Goa and Dharamsala certification with Yoga Alliance USA. Email:

Rishikesh School of Yoga
Ashram   Academic Yoga Institute   Yoga Studio   Ayurvedic Clinic   Yoga Therapy   Yoga Coach
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses   Yoga Retreat Vacations
Address: Rishikesh. Phone: 00919997763812, 9897338939, Email: divinelighthouse[at]
Instructors: Swami Umesh Yogi and well qualified yoga masters and healer
Description: "My Introduction To Rishikesh School of Yoga and Our Workshop Teachings is the Beacon Light of Vedic Civilizations Celebrating Perfection in Enlightment and Fulfilment, Full Blossoming of the Natural Happiness in the Daily Life of Every Individual" -swami umesh yogi

Rishikesh Valley
Eco Resort & Ayurveda Health Spa   3 night Yoga & Meditation Retreats   Rafting & Trekking Adventures
Hermit Style Hut Accommodation   Language: English
Address: Near Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh
Instructor: Swami Anand
Description: Rishikesh Valley is a holistic retreat where we serve healthy & ayurveda food. We have yoga classes and meditation retreats available on individual and group level. Here you'll find the perfect place for quiet meditation course with ayurveda spa. Please book after discuss on mail: rishikeshvalley[at] . Thanks

Rishikesh Yog Peeth (RYS 200, 500)
Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Yoga & Meditation Courses   Ayurvedic Clinic
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Swargashram, Rishikesh  249304 Yoga Alliance
Contact: Tel: +91-9968071071  /  Email: starlim.india[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga

RYS 200
Registered Yoga Schools - RYS 500 - in India

200 & 500-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training programs in India registered with Yoga Alliance at Rishikesh Yog Peeth- RYS 200, 500. Also offering 10 days intensive yoga and meditation courses for beginners and intermediate level yoga students.
Yoga Teacher Training IndiaYoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Rishikesh Yoga International
Yoga Retreats (weekly & biweekly)   Drop-in Yoga Classes   Foundation Yoga & Meditation
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr)   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga   Hotel Accommodations
Address: Near Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula, Swargashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304
Contact: Email:
Description: Rishikesh Yoga International currently offers weekly and biweekly yoga retreats, drop in yoga classes, pranayama courses and meditation, based out of Nirvana Palace Hotel in Rishikesh. We are actively expanding our curriculum, in order to conduct 300 hrs & 500 hrs Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training courses. As a young and striving organisation, we are deeply rooted in our commitment to teaching authentic yoga, both in theory and practice.

Rishikesh Yogis For Yoga Teachers Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Yoga Retreats (14 days)   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Language: English
Address: Laxman Jhula, Tapovan, Rishikesh.  Tel: +91-9897067543  /  Email: yogisrishikesh[at]
Instructors: Uttam Ghosh, Ashish Rawat, Sushant Pandey
Description: One of the leading Yoga teacher training institute in Rishikesh, India. We provide 200 hatha yoga teacher training and yoga retreats at best prices which helps you stay healthy.

Rishikesh Yogvan
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Yoga Studio  Foundation Yoga Courses
Address: Post Tapovan, Via: Shivanadnagar, Distt: Tehri Garhwal, Rishikesh
Instructors: Ravi Bisht, Gokul Singh Bisht, Kapil Dev Bisht, Awdhesh Semwal
Description: Rishikesh Yogvan offers residential 200 hours yoga teacher training courses, yoga course for beginners, Iyengar Yoga course. Our objective is to give the best quality knowledge of yoga asanas (poses), pranayamas, philosophy, human anatomy and physiology. Email:

Sanskriti Vedic Retreat - Yoga Teacher Training
Ayurvedic Spa   Wellness Treatments   Yoga Therapy   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)
Weekly Yoga & Meditation Retreats   Residential Facilities
Address: Near Shivanand Hospital, Ramjhulla, Opp. Shivanand Ashram, Rishikesh - 249192
Description: Sanskriti - The Vedic Retreat is situated in the legendary foothills of the Himalayas, by the holy Ganges - the most spiritually rich area of India's ancient history. Sanskriti Vedic Retreat is a unique retreat center where you can experience the amalgamation of the best of ancient Indian traditions - Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and spirituality. The environment and facilities are exceptional and you will love to spend your time. Please write to us for your queries at Phone: 8826021116

Sanskriti Yogpeeth, Yoga School in India
Ashram   Academic Institute   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Meditation Courses
Reiki, Acupressure, Acupuncture   Yoga Retreat Vacations
Address: Vill Jonk Swargashram, Near Ram Jhoola, Rishikesh, India
Contact: Tel: 09768689596  /  Email: sanskritiyogpeeth[at]
Description: Sanskriti Yogpeeth yoga educational school is based on Indian cultural activities in Rishikesh, the City of Himalaya. It is dedicated to students for learning Yoga in Rishikesh. Sanskriti's instruction will instill in its students a deep appreciation of Indian yogic life style. The Yogpeeth offers Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats, Ayurveda Classes & Daily Traveller Yoga Classes.

Saraswata World Yoga Alliance
Drop-In Classes   Refresher Yoga Courses   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)
Yoga Retreat Vacations
Address: Rishikesh, India. Tel: +919557415200  /  Email: saraswata[at]
Instructor: Yogacharya Nihar
Description: Saraswata World Yoga Alliance is a division of (Saraswata World Federation) with aims and objectives to research, develop & spread awareness on Indian ancient Yoga in the international firmament.

Sattva Yoga Academy
Centre for Yogic and Vedantic Studies   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & Master Level)
Prenatal YTTC (85hr)   Ayurvedic Courses   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Retreats   Sattva Spa & Annapurna Restaurant   On-site Accommodation   Hindi, English
Address: Mohan Chatti, Via Laxman Jhula, P.O.Jogiana-249 304, Distt. Pauri Garhwal. Himalayas, India
Contact: Tel: +918191055553
Description: Sattva Yoga Academy offers 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher training course & yoga teachers training in Rishikesh through its team of dedicated yoga gurus and masters in line with Yoga Alliance courses.

Satya Loka School of Yoga and Tantra
Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Language: English
Address: Osho Gangadham Ashram, Badrinath road, NH58, Jaanaki cottage, Lease No-52, Brahmpuri, Rishikesh, 249201 fire ceremony
Contact: Email: michelleyogini[at]
Website:  |  About Satya Loka School
Instructors: Michelle Levi and Ra Lalita Dasi
Yoga Style: Hatha, Tantra. Fire ceremony, yantra, mantra, pranayama.
Description: A unique course to learn how to teach Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation & Traditional Tantric practices of India. This 200hr Yoga Alliance internationally certified course will teach you to lead ancient practices of fire ceremony, yantra & mantra.
This teacher training course invites students to experience the practice of yoga through energy and consciousness. The main style of yoga taught is Hatha with Tantric Vinyasa, this combines vinyasa flowing movements with traditonal Hatha Yoga, vinyasa helps to keep a gentle purifying flow. The practice also holds asanas for longer periods to experience a deeper energetic activation and opening of the body. This creates a practice that is both yin and yang and is therefore suitable for many students.
During the course you will be taught how to hold rituals from the Traditional Tantric practices of India. This includes fire ceremony, working with the science of Yantras (mandala) and Mantra meditation. These teachings are taught in a devotional way to combine the science of tantra with the path of the heart. The course is a sacred journey into the ancient arts of Yoga, and is supported by a living Tantric Master, Guru Ji Raj Kumar.
During the training we will also study cleansing kriyas and pranyama to purify the mind and deepen our ability to be centred and present in life. Regular devotional singing of kirtan and Hridaya meditation will give you a personal opportunity to open the energy of the heart.
The theory elements cover many topics always including Yogic Philosophy and ancient scriptures such as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and an introduction into the Bhagavad Gita and Devi Gita of ancient India, ayurveda, anatomy, sacred sexuality.

Shakti Yoga Peeth - Yoga Teacher Training India
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (100hr & 200hr)   Yoga Retreats (7 Days & 5 Days)
Yogic Accommodation with Vegetarian food   Language: English
Address: Swarg Ashram, Ram Jhula Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201, India
Contact: Email: shaktiyogapeeth[at]
Description: Shakti Yoga Peeth is one of the world's highly recognized Schools of Yoga. Its Yoga Teacher Training courses are highly standardized, that brings out the best of Students. Since its inception, our School has successfully produced the next genre of yogis who are contributing towards spreading the yoga knowledge in the world. As it is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance USA, the complete curriculum is structured as per the prescribed guidelines so there is no compromise in the quality of training.

Shiva Tattva Yoga Rishikesh
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga & Meditation Courses   Personal Yoga Coach
Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   English, Dutch
Address: Rishikesh
Instructor: Sachin Sharma.  Email: shivatattvayoga[at]
Description: Shiva Tattva Yoga Foundation, offers yoga alliance 200 hrs, 300 hrs & 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh, Uttranchal. Our Yoga Teacher Yogi Sachin Sharma, after attending various Indian yoga programs and teaching Thousands of Indian and western people, is now offering Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and guiding the path of preaching the true essence of Yoga and Meditation.

Shiv Siddh Yog Peeth RYS 200
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)   Drop-in Classes   Yoga Retreats (7 days & 2 weeks)
Modern Accommodation with Satvic meals
Address: Rishikesh. Tel: 8057797477  /  Email: shivsiddhyogpeeth[at]
Description: Friendly and professional Yoga School certified by Yoga Alliance, U.S.A. We are situated right in Rishikesh on the bank of the holy river Ganga, a place most conductive to practice yoga and meditation. In our school, we teach yoga in a very holistic and therapeutic way. The traditional yoga is taught and practiced in a condensed way to benefit the practitioner in its totality. Our school delivers yoga courses in traditional Hatha yoga as well as Hatha Vinyasa style. Come, visit and experience the change in your life.

Shiva Shakti Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities
Language: English
Address: NH 58, Badrinath Highway, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand - 249201
Also conducting Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa
Contact: Tel: +91 77570 24412  /  Email: contact[at]
Instructors: Mr. Amit Dhumal, Mr. Jagjeet Singh, Mr. Himanshu Sharma
Description: Shiva Shakti Yoga is a Traditional Yoga School based out of India with International Certification Programs (Yoga Alliance Certifications). The School is renowned for adaptive curriculum and teachers who are yogis. This all in all constitutes to a life transforming experience for students, where learning yoga is experienced as an exceptional opportunity to uplift self and also help other to lead on the same path by being a qualified teacher.

Shiva Yoga Peeth Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Academic Yoga Institute   Residential Facilities
Languages: English
Address: Omkarananda, Dipeswar Mandir, Laxman Jhula, Tapovan, Rishikesh
Upcoming courses also scheduled in Dharmshala, India
Yoga Alliance
Contact: Tel: (0091) 7417873295   /  Email: shivayogapeeth[at]
Instructors: Mahamandaleswara Pujya Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri ji Maharaj, Swami Sudhir Anand
Yoga Style: Hatha, Asthanga

Shiva Yoga Peeth
RYS 200
E-RYT 500

Shiva Yoga Peeth offers Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh & Dharamshala, India.
By following ancient yogic traditions, Shiva Yoga Peeth has become a center of excellence in India for the promotion and growth of spirituality and yogic philosophy across the world. The worldwide spiritual and yogic activities of the institute have benefited thousands of people across the globe. People who are associated with the organization are persistently doing research work for the empowerment of yoga and allied science.
Swami Sudhir Anandstudent graduationyoga hall at sunset

Shree Mahesh Heritage
Meditation Teacher Training (300hr / 4 Week Intensive)   Beginners Meditation Course (7 Days, Weekly)
Open Meditation Sessions for Visitors   Meditation Retreats (2 Weeks)   Life Healing Programs
Accommodation Facilities at SMH
Address: Shree Mahesh Heritage, C/o.Khushal Palace, Upper Tapovan, Ghugtayani Malli, Kunjapuri Trekking Road, Rishikesh
Tel: 919760061076  /  Email: shreemaheshheritage[at]
Instructors: Ram Gupta, Sarvottam Kumar
Description: Shree Mahesh Heritage | Meditation School India
RMS 300 Hours, Meditation Teacher Training & Retreat Center in Rishikesh.

Sidharth Yoga Rishikesh
Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr)   Language: English
Address: Sidharth Yoga Rishikesh, Dharma Yatri Niwas, Rishikesh (August to March)
Spring location: Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, Himalayas
Instructors: Yogi Sidharth and Yogi Ajay.  Email: yogisidharth[at]
Description: Founded to impart quality traditional Yoga teacher training in India, Sidharth Yoga Center offers 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. Yogi Sidharth and Yogi Ajay Bijalwan are experienced Yoga teachers. Yogi Ajay has traveled world over at a very young age. His expert yoga techniques makes him a much appreciated yoga teacher.

Soma Yoga & Reiki Centre
Address: Near Swargashram taxi stand, Ram julla bridge. Rishikesh. Uttrakhand. India.
Instructor: Somraj Joshi
Description: Soma Yoga & Reiki centre offers daily drop in classes in hatha Yoga. You can also receive Reiki healing sessions and learn first, second and master degrees. Email: somareikicentre[at]

Song River Dharma Ashram
Ashram   Ease Your Body & Relax Yoga Course   Focus & Clarity Meditation Course   Trekking
Meditation Retreats   Reiki, Panchakarma & Ayurvedic Program   Personal Training Sessions
Accommodation provided + 3 Vegetarian meals a day
Address: Baljeet Farm, Khadri, P.O. Shyampur / Rishikesh, UK 249204.  Getting There Song River Dharma Ashram
Contact: Phone: +91 963 906 0712  /  Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Contact Us
Instructors: Venerable Namgyel, Gudi Sonderegger, Benno Wiesenberger
Yoga Style: Yoga in the lineage of Dr Swami Gitananda / Pondicherry
Specialties: Chakra Yoga
Description: Song River Dharma Ashram is a nourishing place in a beautiful peaceful ambience for relaxation and discovering new ways to balance and benefit your body & mind.
We offer yoga & meditation courses and retreat and optional ayurvedic treatments, reiki and detox.
We are a family and clean ashram with a homelike garden at the riverside of Song River - 6km before Rishikesh.
We are looking forward to welcome you!
ashramdouble roomvegetarian cafe

Spirit Yoga Foundation
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (100hr, 200hr & 300hr)   Kriya Yoga Course (7 days, 15 days)
Inner Manthan Meditation Course (7 days, 14 days)   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy
Address: Spirit Yoga Foundation, Shivansh Inn, Yoga street, Opposite Badrinath Highway, Tapovan, Rishikesh
Contact: Email: spirityoga2013[at]
Instructor: Yogi Simant
Description: The Spirit Yoga Foundation is situated in Rishikesh at the foothills of Himalayas aptly named Dev Bhumi, the land of Gods. The word "Rishikesh" means the Hair of Rishi. This holy place bristles with ascetics who perform austere penances to progress rapidly in the field of spiritualism.

Sri Yoga Peeth
Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Behind Police Station, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.  Email:
Instructors: Arpit Agarwal, Dr. Gaurav Agarwal, Kuldeep Chauhan, Balyogi Dr. Chandraprakash
Description: Sri Yoga Peeth - a registered Yoga School offers Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh, India, keeping the ancient spirits intact. As a school established in Rishikesh, India we offer the ancient knowledge for everyone for enhancing physical fitness, mental health, spiritual development, emotional and social skills.

Suddha Anand Yogshala
Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Yoga Studio   Daily Drop in Classes   Meditation Courses
Yoga Therapy & Ayurvedic Treatments   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Accommodation
Address: 87 Bharat Sadhu Samaj, Swargashram- 249304, Ram Jhula, Rishikesh
Contact: Tel: +91 8126 729 154  /  Email: shara_garg[at]
Instructors: Yogi Sachin Garg, Yogini Shara Ji, Yogini Rajkumari Ji, Yogendra Mishra Ji
Yoga Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, traditional hatha, Flow, Power, Sivananda, Yin, Kundalini, Meditation, Pranayama
Specialties: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats, intensives, workshops, yoga therapy, ayurvedic management of common diseases

Suddha Anand Yogshala

Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course works on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. You will not only improve your strength and flexibility but your whole being will be rejuvenated. Great knowledge, ancient wisdom, and compassion will form the rock solid foundation from which your inner teacher shall blossom. Whether you plan to teach yoga professionally or simply further deepen your own personal practice our teacher training program will give you the solid foundation and the confidence to teach skillfully and with integrity.
All styles of yoga will be explored during your training, including traditional Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyassa, Flow, Power, Kundalini, Yin, Sivananda, and Sukshma Vyayam. Student will also have daily meditation, pranayama, and mantra classes.
Students who complete their Yoga Teacher Training program with us in Rishikesh will feel confident in their ability to teach students safely and effectively, and will have gained tremendous insight into the ancient yogic lifestyle.
view Rishikeshasanayogshala interior
We also have an exciting line up of workshops, intensive courses, and yoga retreats. Please visit our website for complete details.

Swami Dayananda Ashram
Address: Arsha vidya pitam, purani jhadi, Rishikesh.  Email: yogiyaar[at]
Description: · Residential iyengar yoga course by certified iyengar yoga teacher.
· Morning to evening different classes of asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation.
· Introduction to vedanta along with yoga classes.

Swaroop Yogic Life
Address: Tapovan, Badarinath Rd., Rishikesh.  Email: swaroopyogiclife[at]
Instructor: Acharya Prem Swaroop
Description: Swaroop Yogic Life is a school where we teach people to reconnect with the self with the help of yoga and pranayama. Our unconscious habits have disturbed the natural mechanism of our physical and mental bodies. Through Yoga, we can reconnect with our natural body and enter into fresh space where the conscious mind becomes aware of the unconscious habits. The scattered energies collect together and peace, love and respect towards others flower. Located in the quiet outskirts of Rishikesh, we offer Hatha yoga teacher training, meditation, Reiki teacher training, pranayama classes and Crystal healing.

Tantra Yoga Rishikesh
Yoga Studio   Foundation Yoga & Meditation Courses   Language: English
Address: Behind Police station, Near Pyramid Cafe, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.  Email: ipigaurav[at]
Instructors: Dr. Gaurav Agrawal, Bal Yogi Chandrakant, Arpit, Yogi Kalpendra Chauhan
Description: Tantra Yoga Center Rishikesh offers intensive tantra course at Rishikesh, India without compromising with the authenticity of its true essence. Having the roots in India, our tantra programs are designed for all those people who have a burning desires for various spiritual practices, real transformations, exploring the Indian mysticism and understand the ancient wisdom but are unable to find the way to explore it.

Transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Meditation Courses   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   English, Italian, Greek
Address: Tapovan, Badrinath Road, Rishikesh (November)
Yoga Teacher trainings and retreats also held in Europe, Italy and Greece.
Transformational Hatha Yoga
Contact: Italy: 0039.3313187501  /  Email: transformationalhathayoga[at]
Instructors: Michelle Kaminski, Leonardo Turini, Swami Vidyanand & guest teachers
Yoga Style:: Hatha Integral Yoga, Transformational Hatha Yoga
Description: Transformational Hatha Yoga is an innovative yogic system developed by Swami Vidyanand in India, which integrates the most effective techniques of Hatha, Kundalini, Raja, & Bhakti yoga. Our expert teachers will guide you through the asanas, pranayama, mantras & Meditation methods that make this yoga unique. On completion of our 200 hour TTC you will receive a Yoga Alliance International Certificate and registration which allows you to teach confidently anywhere in the world.

Tribe: 200hr & 500hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, Thailand, Spain, Austria and the UK!
Foundation Yoga Courses   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Residential Facilities   English
Address: Narayana Kunj, Swargashram, Ramjula, Rishikesh (March)
Winter courses: Arambol, Goa, South India
Tribe Yoga
Contact: Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha
Specialties: Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting
Description Tribe is a collective of independent yoga practitioners who devote their life to conscious living.
The teachers that you meet through Tribe share a common school of thought that yoga is a lifestyle, an attitude and ever present guide to a richer and fuller experience of oneself and the world one lives in.
Tribe invites all yoga lovers to join us for spiritual journeys of self study and development on 200hr and 500hr Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Goa and Rishikesh: India, Chiang Mai: Thailand, Austria, UK and Spain.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr & 500hr)   Yoga Retreats   Language: English
Address: Hotel Raj Palace basement, Swargashram, behind Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh
Instructor: Yogi Surinder Ji ERYT 500 RYT 500. Email: vedangas[at]
Description: Yoga Teacher Training Level, Hatha Yoga Intensive, Yoga Sadhana Camps, Yoga Retreats.
The courses offered will explore yoga and Vedanta philosophy, Sanskrit, yoga asana, meditation and anatomy & physiology while delivering practical experience of how to teach yoga to others also.

Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine
Yoga Teacher Training (50, 100, 200, 300, 500 Hours)   Ayurveda Specialist Trainings
Astrology Consultant Training
Address: Badrinath Road 140 Tapovan, Rishikesh Founder Dr Sanjeev Pandey
Contact: Tel: +91135 2442841  /  Email: info[at]
Founder: Dr Sanjeev Pandey
Yoga Style: Hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, Kundalini, Kriya
Specialties: Meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology
Description: Vedansha - The Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine founded by Dr.S.Pandey Ji was established to provide the education in vedic science, to help human to control their emotions, remove fears, to improve their life, to find himself in the society of modern technology.
The founder, Yogachariya Dr. Sanjeev Pandey PhD, M.Sc. (yoga therapy & naturopathy), is a Himalayan yogi in 7-th generation. He keeps family and university tradition of yoga during his long teaching practice and provides education and supplementary treatment according to the high level of ancient and modern stand art of vedic science. Our institute is accredited by international Yoga Alliance USA and alternative medical counsil Colcutta (India).
asana Why you have to choose our Institute for your Yoga Training?
• We are only one Institute of vedic science in world capital of yoga Rishikesh
Our work includes not only teaching of students, but also global scientific research in Yoga and cooperation with european doctors that makes our yoga programs safe, verified with applied evident result for you. We teach variety of sciences like yoga, ayurveda, astrology, vastu and share with you our experience.
• We have only high qualified certified teachers (Doctors, PhD, Acharya) and provide authentic knowledge of yogic tradition
We take care about quality of our Staff and don't save money on good and experienced teachers. We don't provide students of yoga academy who has not much experience and can give unsafe classes. We are interested that after our training you can teach your own students with confidence!
buildingyoga classesfire
• Special location
We are located in a special spiritual place Moksha/Kriya Yoga Ashram. It means that many years continuously here were performed the yogic practice, purification, pray & chanting by famous spiritual Gurus, Yoga Masters that reached their enlightenment. Practicing yoga here will help you to reach faster effect from your own practice - deep state of concentration.
• Only we offer free of charge aura check up & diagnostic of astrological natal map
Because we believe that every student needs individual way and we try to recognize your state of energy body with aura check up, reveal your chakra imbalance, find problems in your astrological natal map before classes, then you will participate in the special developed yogic class that based on purification, ayurvedic principles of vata, pitta & kapha types of personality with their disbalance, special methods of asana, pranayama, meditation technics that help to correct disturbances of the body and reach desired effect of yogic practice. It doesn't matter if you come to study, retreat or just some classes. At the end of the course we perform the control check up of the aura to show you the evident base result of our work!!!
• Our study materials are suitable for everyone
Created according to international study requirements in Vedic Science and adapted for easily understanding for every student. We use special technical, visual, written, material to make our classes diverse and study process effective with desired results.

Vedic Meditation Yoga School in Rishikesh
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Meditation Courses
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Pyramid Cafe, Lakhsman Jhula, Rishikesh.  Email:[at]
Instructors: Swami Nityanand Giri, Acharya Tuna Khatua, Swami Omkarananda, Manual Fernandes, Brahamchari Siddhanta
Description: Vedic Meditation yoga school is a registered Yoga School (200-RYS and 500-RYS) recognized by Yoga Alliance USA offering certified Yoga Teacher Training courses in Rishikesh to the inspired Yoga practitioners to enhance their personal Yoga practices and cultivate effective teaching skills in them to be a proficient Yoga Teacher.

Vinyasa Yoga School
Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Language: English
Address: Laxman Jhula (near Sant Sewa Ashram), Rishikesh
Contact: Tel: +91 96 34 882112  /  Email: vinyasayogatraining[at]
Instructors: Lavina Kukreja, Laxmi Dimri, Kushal Bisht, Mahesh Bhatt, Ashish Rawat, Yoga Guru Omo
Yoga Style: Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga
Description: Vinyasa Yoga School is a certified Yoga Alliance School providing 200-hour yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh, India. Students live and take classes at the newly built Hotel Qube, which is situated at the base of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India - the world's capital of yoga overlooking the holy banks of the Ganges River.
graduationVinyasa Yoga School

Vishwa Shanti Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy
Yoga Retreats (7 days, 14 days)   Food & Accommodation Provided   Language: English
Address: Hotel Laxman Jhula Regency, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302
Websites:  |
Description: Registered with Yoga Alliance USA as RYS 200 & RYS 300 in 2015 to independently work as a school, Vishwa Shanti Yoga has had a presence in the city since 2013. Learning yoga philosophy and observing how this branch of ancient Indian health science has been growing into a global educational phenomenon to unite the people's mind, body and soul; the founder of this school has dedicatedly invested his time and effort in establishing the school as a hub of knowledge transfer to the whole world.  Email: yogatrainingrishikesh[at]

World Peace Yoga School
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga & Meditation Courses
Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Accommodation & Food
Languages: English, Hindi
Address: Rishikesh
Instructors: Yogi Vishnu, Yogi Rajiv, Swami Omkarananda
Description: World Peace Yoga School is an internationally acclaimed school registered with Yoga Alliance USA offering Yoga Retreats and YTTC courses. The school also specializes in Ayurveda, Meditation, detoxification therapies, deluxe retreats and other exotic treatments. Indulge yourself in the retreat and programs to discover your new self. After this break, you can return back with a rejuvenated body, mind and soul. Taking back the best memories of your life and enriching others with the power of Yoga are the resultant effects.

World Yoga Alliance
Ashram   Academic Institute   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses
Yoga Retreat Vacations   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga
Languages: English, Hindi, Thai
Address: Vishya Shanti Mission Yoga Ashram, 2 minutes walk from Laxman Jhula (Behind the German Bakery) & 5 minutes walk from the Tapovan Resort.
World Yoga Alliance ashrams and training centers are also in Dharamshala, Goa and Thailand.
Contact: Phone: +91- 7417417406, +91- 9456337211  /  Email: info[at]
Instructors: Master Dharam, Yogi Saurabh & Manoj
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Astanga Yoga
Specialties: Advanced Yoga Asanas

World Yoga Alliance

World Yoga Alliance is world's premier yoga education school. We have very many yoga courses for those who want to increase her/his yoga knowledge and for those who want to be a yoga teacher. We have the highest quality of Yoga Teacher Training Courses and advanced yoga workshops for students and teachers.
World Yoga Alliance is a collaborative Yoga organization which began in 2011 to spread the ancient knowledge of Yoga, Healthy Life and Meditation. This organization is working to help poor children in India and the World and organizes yoga workshops and International Conference on Psychotherapy, Yoga and Spirituality and yoga training courses and yoga retreats internationally.
World Yoga Alliance is the kind of school which can make you into a perfect teacher of yoga. It is our heart-filled desire that everybody could take advantage of yoga in this world so this is why we are trying to make you a perfect yoga teacher who will be prepared to run your own yoga institute anywhere in world. World Yoga Alliance courses are also certified so that you can become a registered yoga teacher anywhere in this world.
World Yoga Alliance has for professional teachers a TTC study Program. One can become a yoga practitioner, a yoga teacher who wants to learn more, sharpen his / her knowledge more. Or, if you may be new to yoga, whatever the case may be, the World Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course will provide a complete knowledge of Yoga for the student. Upon graduation from the course, students will receive a certificate of qualification.
We are running 200 hours and 500 hours Teacher Training courses which almost covers every area of Yoga. Teachers having complete knowledge of yoga are giving their valuable time to show the correct theory of yoga. Once you successfully complete this course, you would feel an important transformation experience in your life. You will learn to start teaching with confidence, helping others learn about yoga, through your own unique experience and astuteness. Also it is an opportunity to intensify your practice.

Yash Yoga School
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Certification Yoga Courses (1-week, 2-week, 3-week & 4-weeks)
Yoga Studio   Daily Drop in Classes   Personal/Private Yoga Classes   Residential Facilities
Languages: English, Hindi
Address: Ganga Vihar Colony, Koyalghatti koyalghatti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand- 249201
Instructor: Yashpal Routella.  Email:
Description: Yash Yoga teacher training school is located at the peaceful area of Rishikesh. The center promises fresh sessions of yoga spirit with clean and pure air and the peaceful atmosphere. We teach Hatha yoga, Sivananda, Ashthanga, Iyengar(Intensive) and mantra yoga and yoga teacher training training certification in Rishikesh.

Yoga Chakra India
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Yoga Retreat for Beginners (6 Days, offered weekly)
Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Sacha Dham, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India.  Email:
Instructor: Yog Guru Om Ji
Description: Yoga Chakra is a Yoga Studio overlooking River Ganges at Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh. We specialize in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and the various other elements like Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (yoga postures), Dhyana (meditation), Ayurveda Therapies, Mantra chanting and Philosophy.

YogaDhyan School
Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga & Meditation Courses
Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Language: English
Address: Rishikesh YogaDhyan
Contact: Email: ayogadhyan[at]
Yoga Style: Hath yoga, Shivananda yoga, Ashtanga and Partner Yoga
Description: We are nothing but a pure yoga training institute. Our core focus is to make yoga easily approachable to mankind. Our institute is registered with "Yoga alliance international" a globally known entity of yoga sciences governance. We are running two different series. 200 hours/500 hours training program. The foundation of our institute was assembled in the guidance of various highly regarded persons who are in yoga field for a long period. In the guidance of some spiritual gurus our institute is writing a new script to make many of new experiences daily. Our course is having a pure touch of mysticism with the deem of non tolerability of commercial view of yoga edification.
We are very much in effort to make our students feel home atmosphere during the course. The healthy and friendly atmosphere of yoga classes helps out our students to get mixed with the team members and students easily. Offered course is a combination of technical and integrated systems. Covered yoga branches are mainly Hatha, Shivananda, Ashtanga and Partner Yoga and many more. Along with the traditional yoga stream we also facilitating Meditation, Reiki, and healing courses.

Yoga Divine Life
Ashram   Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Yoga & Meditation Courses
Yoga Ayurvedic Clinic   Yogic Treatments   Corporate Yoga   Lectures & Yoga Camps
Yoga Retreats & Yoga Tourism   Residential Facilities   Languages: English/Hindi
Locations: Our Centers are in Rishikesh, Haridwar, Gurgaon and Shirdi.  Email: yogadivinelife[at]
Founder: Dr. Trilok Chandra (PhD in Yoga)
Mission: Yoga Divine Life is an institution working towards popularizing yoga through the ranks of society. Its aim is to present yoga in a scientific and aesthetic way to the world. It teaches various streams of yoga and sadhna through philosophical and scientific ways in a very simple process. Its endeavour shall be to spread yoga in every nook and corner of the world. We in YDL strongly believe that yoga is a missing link which has led to the degeneration of values in human society. With the help of yoga and its allied disciplines, we are sure, society can be restored to its natural health.

Yoga Faculty
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Yoga Retreats (6 days)   Residential Facilities
Language: English
Address: Laxamanzula Tapovan Rishikesh (September to April)
Upcoming Courses also scheduled in Dharamsala and Goa, India
Instructor: Shail
Description: One of the India's best yoga teacher training institute in Rishikesh, the motherland of yoga. After completion of Hatha Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga course you will be able to teach yoga with certification of Yoga Alliance USA.

Yoga India Foundation
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)   Meditation Training   Emotional Unblocking
Reiki in Three Levels - Level 1 (3 days) - Level 2 (3 days) - Level 3 (5 days)
Languages: Hindi, English
Address: Hotel Vishal Palace, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302
Instructor: Bipingyan
Description: Yoga India Foundation is a primary Yoga Teacher Training center in Rishikesh, India. We are a Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher training center providing 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours yoga teacher training. We are also providing reiki healing and emotional unblocking treatment to our students so he can learn a complete yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing technique. Email: yogaindiafoundation[at]

Yogahut Tapovan Ashram
Ashram   Academic Yoga Institute   Yoga Studio   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Foundation Yoga Courses   Language: English
Address: Village Tapovan (near first auto stand), Rishikesh - India Himalaya.
Instructor: Yogi-Pramod
Description: Yogi Pramod Ji was initiated into yoga 23 years ago and got initiated by Swami Rama of the Himalaya in 1994. For the last 15 years he's been teaching Traditional Style Hatha Yoga and Indian Style of Asthanga Yoga.

The Yoga Place
Yoga Studio   Personal Yoga Coach   Yoga Therapy   Foundation Yoga Courses
Yoga Teacher Training Course   Language: English
Address: Village lower Tapovan, Rishikesh, India.
Instructor: Ravindra, Email: ravindratomar[at]
Description: Yoga is a way of living in harmony. I Learnt Yoga from great saints and yogis from different regions of India. Qualified from the university offering three years course in Yogic sciences and human consciousness. Daily Yoga sessions and all are welcome.

Yoga Sadhna India
Ashram   Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 300hr)   Yoga Holiday Retreats (5 days)   Yoga Therapy
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Retreats   Residential Facilities
Address: Durga Guest House, Laxman Jhula Rishikesh, Uttarakhand - 249302
Also offering yoga teacher trainings and retreats in Delhi & Goa
Contact: Tel: +91-9999172987, +91-9999972987  /  Email: info[at]
Instructors: Yogacharya Kapil Bajaj, Dr. Sadhna Gupta
Description: We provide professional yoga courses and certification. Our services include yoga retreats for corporations and luxury retreats for yoga and health wellness retreats. Yoga teachers training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Prop Yoga.

Yoga Stair
Yoga Studio   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Meditation Course   Hotel Accommodations
Address: Near Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh
Instructors: In-house, highly qualified & experienced yoga trainers
Description: Our 200 hours yoga teacher training in India course is a residential program which is registered under Yoga Alliance, USA. Yoga Stair yoga academy follows modern yet traditional yogic curriculum which will certainly give living a new meaning, it will also enrich your personal life as well as teach you to help others in enriching their lives by evading the stress, anxiety and depression from their lives. This will be your contribution to build a compassionate and humanitarian community.

Yoga Teacher Training in India - Rishikesh Yog Dham - RYS 200
Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Residential Facilities
Address: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192
Instructors: Arvind Sharma, Yogi Buddhi Prakash Ji
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga

RYS 200
RYT 200

200 hour yoga teacher training in India based on traditional hatha yoga at yoga school Rishikesh Yog Dham registered with Yoga Alliance, USA as RYS 200. It's a residential hatha yoga course ideal for beginners and intermediate level yoga students. Course fee including food & accommodation is USD 1200. All the students are provided private room with attached bath.
Yoga Teacher ArvindHealth is the first wealth. Treat your body, mind and spirit to a relaxing yoga experience.
For upcoming course dates, please see our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training information page.

Yoga Teacher Training in India by Rishikul Yogshala
Yoga Studio Daily Classes   Yoga Teacher Training Courses (200hr, 300hr & 500hr)
Yoga Retreat (7 Days & 15 Days)   Residential Facilities
Address: Jonk Village, Swaragashram, Ram Jhulla, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand - 249304 200 Hrs Yoga TTC Rishikul Yogshala
Contact: Tel: +91 7060060954  /  Email: info[at]
Website/Links:  |  Rishikul Yogshala
Instructors: Swami Atmanananda, Gangesha Chaitanya, Bipin Baloni, Yogi Prashant
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga
Specialties: Yoga Adjustment and Alignment
Description: Rishikul Yogshala is passionate about yoga practice. Our headquarters is in Rishikesh which is also known as yoga capital of the world. Our yogi's impart their yoga knowledge and experience in our flagship 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh - India. We also provide yoga teacher trainiing in Kerala, Dharamsala, and Nepal.
yoga classesyoga teacher trainingyoga school

Yoga Village
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr residential program)   Yoga Certification Course (1 week intensive)
Yoga Retreats   Meditation Retreats   Yoga Therapy, Acupressure & Massage   Residential Facilities  
Address: Rishikesh (Winter Courses)
Also offering teacher training courses, yoga and meditation retreats in Dharamshala, Pune & Goa
Accreditation: Yoga Village - RYS 200, RYS 300, RYS 500 (Hatha, Ashtanaga & Aerial Yoga School Rishikesh, Goa).
Description: Yoga Village is a registered yoga school by Govt.of India & Yoga alliance USA. Our teacher training program gives deep knowledge of physical postures, movements including power yoga, Pranyama (Breathing techniques), Anatomy & physiology, meditation & introduction to chakra system by certified trained yoga gurus of India.

Yoga Vini
Yoga Studio / Drop-in Classes   Yoga Teacher Training Course (200hr)   Yoga Retreat Vacations
Languages: English, Japanese, Hindi
Address: Tryambakeshwar Temple (13 floor temple) Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh
Instructor: Yogi Vini.  Tel: +91-78-9519-8304
Description: We offer a combination of daily drop in classes, yoga workshops and yoga teacher training courses, to suit your needs and time schedule. Yoga Vini classes meet you at your level of ability - beginner, intermediate or advanced - and then our teachers help you get more out of each pose. We do this through careful explanations and gentle and specific adjustments. Often, we suggest seemingly small adjustments but these can make a big difference in your practice.

YTTC Rishikesh (India) by NeoYoga
Ashram   Yoga Retreat Vacations   Foundation Yoga Courses   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training (200hr & 500hr)   Residential Facilities   Language: English
Address: Hotel Raj Deep, Rishikesh, Uttranchal (see Yoga Teacher Training page for next course dates)
Courses also held in Dharamsala, North India; Early spring course: Goa, South India
Contact: Phone: +91-9923857370  /  Email: neoyogagoa[at]

Neo Yoga Center


Akhilesh Bodhi, director of Neo Yoga Center has reached more than 10,000 people around the world through the yoga retreats, workshops and teacher training camps conducted in the last sixteen years in India, Europe and East Asian countries. Akhilesh carries a legacy of Traditional yoga teaching and blends it with modern methods of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar styles for international yoga seekers. The fusion of Raj yoga, ashtanga Vinyas and Hatha yoga presents a Holistic Method suited to people all around the world.
Alignment of physical postures with the power of breath and focusing of the mind would help you with good health, better quality of the life and self-fulfillment in the end. Yoga helps you to discover your oneness with the world. This Vision of oneness is the ultimate solution for Global peace and harmony. Neo Yoga training envisions to create an international yoga commune of trained teachers who can bring the awareness for healthy living.
Akhilesh, an expert yoga instructor, spiritual mentor and reiki master runs the Neo Yoga Center. Akhilesh has extensive knowledge and deep understanding of Yoga practice that spans more than a decade and has developed his own comprehensive method of Yoga. Neo Yoga Center provides students with a unique opportunity to cultivate a personal spiritual practice while learning the necessary skills to be a successful yoga instructor.
Though we stand for traditional style and vision of teaching yoga we have incorporated B.K.S.Iyengar, Sivananda and Pattabi Jois styles into our teaching. Having being influenced a lot by BKS Iyenger the use of props are incorporated into asana practice to ensure correct posture and alignment. Apart from asana perfection using props, our emphasis is on the regulation of breath and focus of your mind. Every asana is used as a tool to guide you to gain your natural meditative state. This will help you focus your awareness in more meaningful ways which will deepen your practice. If your intention is to become a yoga teacher you will become very confident with sequencing, the guiding principles of focusing and breath movement and a very comprehensive knowledge of all eight limbs of yoga as presented by Maharishi Patanjali in the yoga sutras through our philosophical classes and different type of meditative sessions.
We consider the practice of Ayuvedic living as very important and should be combined with yoga to compliment the benefits of yoga. We have incorporated quite a lot of teachings on the science Ayuvedar. So you will be able to have a much greater understanding of the science and can share this within others.
ttc graduation
This course is designed for those who are interested in deepening their current yoga practice, advanced students and aspiring teachers of all ages. In addition to these we have music and Bhajans at the time of Satsang and other creative self-healing sessions. Throughout the course there will be some inspirational guest yoga teachers teaching our morning Yoga session which will give you more experience of different teaching styles.
Course Contents: Yoga Posture Adjustment, Proper alignment, Meditation, Pranayama, Astral travel, Power of Visualization, Journey through chakra meditation.
Tuition Fee: 1100 euros. The fee for the retreat does not include cost of accommodation, food, Yoga Clothes, Reading material.

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