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Ananda Marga Detox Fasting Retreats
Address: Rua Miguel Torga No. 4 Sao pedro de Sintra, P.C. 2710 477 Sintra, Portugal
Contact: Tel: +351 21 924 0481  /  Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Description: Ananda Marga Fasting Retreat is a residential detox retreat in rural Portugal where you can relax and rejuvenate with yoga, meditation, fresh juice and delicious vegetarian food.

Padma Yoga Center
Address: Av. Defensores de chaves, #20, 1st floor, Lisbon, Portugal Padma Yoga
Contact: Email: padmayogacenter[at]
Website/Links:  |
Instructor: Patricia Duarte
Yoga Style: Integral Yoga
Specialties: Tantra Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Tantric Meditation
Description: We offer daily yoga classes and meditation in the morningi and in the evening for anyone. Classes are 1h 15min. Walk in $10.
Retreats / YTTC: We organize Yoga Retreats. We offer the 200 hours Teacher Training Course and Yoga for pregnancy certified by Yoga Alliance International from India.
formacaosala yogaPadma Yoga in Lisboa

Spaso Zen - Wellness & Beauty
Address: Rua do Campo Alegre, 1256. Porto. Spaso Zen - Wellness & Beauty
Contact: Tel: +351226099723  /  Email: info[at]
Instructor: Sonia Gomes
Yoga Style: Ashtanga Yoga; Therapeutic Yoga

Swara Yoga School
Address: Yoga Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Retreats in Portugal, India, Bali & Spain Swara Yoga School
Contact: Email: swarayogaschool[at]
Instructors: Sophia Araujo & Jai Garuda
Yoga Style: Elemental Yoga, Elemental Yoga Therapy, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin

down dog

Elemental Yoga Therapy Trainings
The Elemental Yoga Therapy training course is designed to transform a yoga teacher into a yoga therapist, by learning how to choose the asana sequences, pranayamas, diet, meditations, mudras and mantras that help their students engage directly with whatever combination of the 5 forces is causing them obstacles. It is based in the understanding that yoga seeks to dissolve the 5 elements, and helps us to see where those elements are in action in the whole being - the physical, physiological, psychological, psychic, and spiritual being.
Elemental Yoga Teacher Trainings, 200hr YA
Our TTC is a unique course, in that it teaches a comprehensive view of Yoga, looking beyond asana style and into the very purpose of each aspect of Yoga. The course is based in a comparison between Patanjali's 8 limbs of Yoga and Hatha Yoga of Tantric origin. It is run as a 21-day live-in program, and held in the full spirit of Ashram life. We value interactive and experiential learning, and have developed a curriculum that encourages each student to take an individual path within the group experience.
Sofia teachingwarm warriors

Yoga Detox Retreats
Address: Monchique, Portugal YogaDetoxRetreats - Revitalise Body, Mind and Spirit
Contact: Tel: +351966001378  /  Email: lauren[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Lauren Manning
Description: The goal of yoga detox retreats is to provide a sacred space for physical, mental and spiritual renewal and detoxification.
Life can sometimes get very busy, fast and stressful... and you may feel the need for rest, recharging and re-energising.
Also, we live in a very polluted world - our water, soil, food and air are all full of toxins which affects us on every level. Healthy yoga holidays and regular detox can be very helpful for maintaining overall health and happiness.
The combination of detox, Yoga, meditation and holistic therapies in a natural and supportive environment all nourish and support the body, mind and spirit whilst providing a healthy, relaxing and fun holiday experience - one that could possibly change your life...
yoga classLauren Manning

Yoga Evolution Retreats Portugal
Address: We are located in central Portugal. Amieira, Oleiros
Contact: Tel: 00351 272 634 004
Instructors: Peter Askew & Sue Billington
Yoga Style: ashtanga yoga - yin yoga - yoga therapy - mindfulness meditation - pranayama
Description: The yoga evolution retreat centre is set in six hectares of forest land in the mountains of Portugal. We run authentic yoga retreats & courses for a maximum of 11 people from April through to November. Our style is based on many yoga practices as we have many hours of teacher training and courses.
The food here is raw, macrobiotic and ayurvedic to allow the body to detoxify slowly and the mind to become relaxed. We have many other activities here such as walking, swimming in our pool, making soap and herbal workshops. Please visit our site for more information and to book.

Yoga Holidays Portugal
Address: Ribeira Relvas, Madeira 6160-206, Oleiros
Contact: Phone: 00351 961228729  /  Email: portugalyurtretreat[at]
Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Children's
Description: Yoga Holidays Portugal is a small eco retreat in Central Portugal. We offer a relaxed week of classes, fully catered or B&B, vegetarian food or vegan, swimming, sustainable living, with accomodation in a traditional Mongolian yurt. We are family friendly, and also offer children's classes. We live off grid, using both solar and hydro systems to generate our electricity. We grow as much as we can in our garden without the use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals.

Yoga & Holistic Horse Riding
Address: Holistic Riding Center, Monte Velho, 8670-230 Carrapateira, Aljezur, Portugal
Contact: Mobile: +351 916269813  /  Email: a.endries[at]
Instructors: The main Yoga instructor is Lia Muczenski.
Andreas Endries and Antoina Lehrach are the main riding instructors.
Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow, a gentle Style of Hatha-Yoga. ... A Dance of the Asanas, which brings awareness to the body and the breath.

Yoga & Holistic Horse Riding

A unique program that addresses the person as a whole, Yoga & Holistic Horse Riding, offers a refreshing and innovative path toward achieving a dynamic, harmonious union with the horses, and serves you on your exciting Journey of self-discovery, leading to the balanced integration of body, mind, spirit, and horse.
yoga exercises with horseslocal beach Amadoone terrace in Monte Velho



Address: Several Quintas and Resorts. Algarve, Portugal. Yoga der Elemente
Contact: Email: oliver[at]
Yoga Style: Integral hatha yoga, integration of flow elements
Specialties: Yoga and nature experiences
Description: Beautiful yoga and nature holidays in the stunning Algarve. Meditation on the cliffs, asanas at the beach, pranayama on top of the coastal mountains. From yoga combined with hiking, yoga in the almond flowering to really chilled out, meditative yoga weeks - with us you will enjoy an inspired yoga holiday in southern Portugal.
Yoga der ElementeSteffi Halbmond
Concerning accommodation we have got various choices from rural quintas to 4* resorts. Namasté, Oliver

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