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Western Massachusetts

Dhira Yoga Center
Address: Located in Southwick, MA, 617 College Highway near the intersection of Rt. 57 and Rt. 202.
Contact: Phone: (413) 998-3463  /  Email: info [at]
Instructors: Michael von Stange, Mary Beth Ogulewicz, Christine Seymour, Kim Perry
Yoga Style: Vinyasa, Restorative, Ashtanga
Description: The Dhira Yoga Center is dedicated to cultivating peace, both in ourselves and in the world, to nurturing health and happiness, community and compassion. We do this primarily by offering daily, accessible to all, challenging and fun, vinyasa yoga classes ("vinyasa" yoga is a yoga linking breath and movement, a flowing meditation from pose to pose).
Our philosophy and classes are rooted in the Classical Yoga of Pantanjali. We emphasize the lightness of enlightenment, and thus, our approach to the yoga practice, though ardent and disciplined, is captured neatly in the words of the sage Swami Satchidananda, "Above all else, yoga is fun!"
In addition to our yoga classes, we offer workshops, meditation practice and the healing arts of Reiki and massage.

Ginny Hamilton Yoga
Locations: Hadley Yoga Studio, 234 Russell St., Hadley, MA
  • Thursday night 7:30 - 9:00: Gentle-Moderate Yoga with Restorative
  • Wednesday morning 10:00 - 11:00: Gentle Yoga for all shapes and sizes
Ginny Hamilton Yoga
Private sessions by appointment in So. Amherst or your location.
Contact: Phone: (413) 253-0949  /  Email: ginny [at]
Yoga Style: My approach integrates slow flow, therapeutic yoga, Reiki, and self-healing body work to unravel imbalances and restore energy flow.
Specialties: Slow flow yoga, restorative yoga, plus size yoga, therapeutic yoga, Reiki, Positional Therapy body work, Classes and private sessions.
Description: A yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, gardener, activist, and middle aged Mama, I believe our natural state is to be balanced in body and mind so spirit can flow freely. I enhance my mat-based classes and private yoga lessons with Reiki energy work and Positional Therapy body work techniques. Simply put, Reiki restores balance to the body's energy system. Positional Therapy teaches physical postures to bring muscles into slack. Both effectively relieve chronic tension and pain.
In my slow flow classes, you'll find familiar postures linked with breath. I offer multiple variations and modifications and encourage students to use props to make the practice your own. Each class includes meditation, breath release exercises (pranayama) and flowing postures (asana) with a focus on alignment and transitions. Expect long holds with a good dose of humor to get you through them. Come to strengthen your body and release the tension that masks the relaxed, centered energy that is you at your core.

Guru Ram Das Ashram
Address: 131 Montague Road, Leverett, Franklin County  01054
Contact: Phone: (413) 548-9607  /  Email: kundaliniyogaleverett [at]
Instructor: SiriNam S. Khalsa, MSEd
Yoga Style: Kundalini Yoga
Specialties: Asanas, Chanting, Pranayam
Description: Begin and end your weekend by joining us in a cozy meditative environment for our classes:
Saturday Morning Kundalini Yoga Class, 8:30-9:45am and
Sunday Evening, 7:00-8:30pm at the Amherst Yoga Center.
I am a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor with over 20 years experience. My classes, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, are relaxing and uplifting.
Yogi ji once said, "People will see that people who practice yoga are bright and beautiful, calm, quiet, and blissful. They will recognize that the yogic community is sincere, dependable, serving and giving. The future of yoga is bright, beautiful, bountiful, and blissful."
As a musician, I incorporate guitar and a "Gong Bath" during relaxation. Classes are for all levels: $10 class or $35 for four. Sat Nam.

Hampshire Yoga
Address: 1702 Riverdale St., West Springfield, Hampden County  01089
Contact: Phone: (413) 781-2590  /  Email: hampshir [at]
Website/Links:  |  Yoga Links
Instructors: James Gleason, Charlie Henrickson, Martha Donoghue
Yoga Style: Iyengar
Description: Our director is a certified Iyengar teacher with 25 years teaching experience. He studies under BKS Iyengar and family and Ramanand Patel.

Hart Yoga

Hart Yoga

Address: 1 Ashfield Street, Suite 8, The Salmon Falls Artisans Showroom Building, Shelburne Falls, Franklin County 01370 - A peaceful studio overlooking the picturesque village of Shelburne Falls, MA. Asana - Parivrtta Parsvakonasana
Contact: Phone: (413) 768-9291  /  Email: info [at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Yoga Style: Hatha, Iyengar
Specialties: Gentle, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Pilates, Fitness
Description: Experience...Integrity...Dedication Asana - Eka Pada Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
At Hart Yoga you'll find a variety of yoga, fitness and Pilates classes for practitioners of all levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced yogi, you'll find a class that meets your needs --
Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa (Flow), Power Yoga, Fundamentals (basics), Restorative, Intermediate. And check out YogaFit, our classes that combine yoga poses with weights, bands, and physioballs!
Instructors: All teachers at Hart Yoga have been trained and certified through recognized teacher-training programs, and their years of teaching experience infuse a wealth of wisdom into our classes.

Heartsong Yoga
Address: 264 North Main Street, Suite 5, East Longmeadow, Hampden County  01028
Contact: Email: info [at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Yoga Style: Kripalu, Astanga, Anusara Inspired Yoga
Description: Heartsong Yoga has two large and spacious studios and offers classes daily, nights and weekends in a variety of styles and levels. Workshops, trainings, and special events are always on the calendar, including YogaKids, Pre Natal Yoga, Meditation and Nia.
Heartsong Yoga is an affiliate studio of the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, and director Sheila Magalhaes holds advanced level certifications in both Kripalu Yoga and Astanga Yoga with The Hard and The Soft Yoga Institute with Beryl Bender Birch.

Karma Yoga
Address: 2260 Westfield St., West Springfield, Hampden County Karma Yoga
Contact: Phone: (413) 575-6607  /  Email: liz [at]
Website:  |  Contact Us
Instructors: Liz Bienia, Suzanne Marotta
Yoga Style: Basics, All Levels, Hot Yoga, Specialty Classes
Description: Through a regular yoga practice including prana (breath) and asanas (postures), yoga students will find union and balance throughout their body and mind. In addition to increased strength and flexibility, our body systems will be rejuvenated and more balanced. We will develop inner stillness and self acceptance.

Karoun Yoga Inc
Address: 235A Memorial Ave, West Springfield, Hampden County, MA  01103
Contact: Phone: (413) 206-9642  /  Email: info [at]
Yoga Style: Iyengar, Vinyasa
Instructors: Karoun Charkoudian, Paul Menard, Kim Perry, Maggie Kortchmar, Amanda Leonesio, Erin McNally, Lisa Page
Description: We are thrilled to bring you this new, expanded, and improved Karoun Yoga location in West Springfield! We can now give our clients the ease, accessibility, and joy of practicing yoga in the one of the most convenient locations in the Greater Springfield area!
We have put together a state-of-the-art yoga facility, complete with spacious changing rooms, private bathrooms, a retail yoga clothing section, and full-time receptionists to answer any questions at any time!
We are lucky offer to you some of the best instructors in the area! Every instructor has their 200 hour certification approved by Yoga Alliance, and some have completed their 500 hours of training. No matter which class, you will be lead in a safe, caring manner!

Yoga Center Amherst
Address: 17 Kellogg Ave., Amherst, Hampshire County  01002
Contact: Phone: (413) 256-0604  /  Email: info [at]
Instructors: Patty Townsend, Marilyn Hart, Eric Love, Karen Miscall-Bannon
Yoga Style: Alignment, Flow, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Kids, Teens, Pre-natal, Embodyoga
Specialties: Embody Yoga Teacher Training and In-Depth Yoga Study 200 & 500 hr Registered Teacher Training Programs that meet 1 weekend/month.
Description: Beautiful, warm sunlit studio offering balanced and enjoyable yoga classes to all levels and abilities every day. Highly trained instructors. National workshops.

Worcester County, Central Massachusetts

Frog Pond Yoga Centre
Address: Princeton Community Center (2nd floor), 18 Boylston Avenue. Princeton, MA  01541
- The old schoolhouse near the center of Princeton.
Contact: Phone: (978) 464-5863  /  Email: shantidiane [at]
Website:  |  Contact Us
Instructors: Diane Featherstone, Anne Goewey, Julie Pepper, Joshua Tenpenny
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga. Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Yoga. Kids Yoga.
Specialties: 200-hour & 500-hour RYT Teacher Training Programs
Description: Frog Pond Yoga Centre offers traditional yoga instruction in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere. Our Hatha Yoga classes are gentle to moderate with emphasis on breath and mindfulness, appropriate for any age or fitness level, beginners or experienced. Ashtanga Vinyasa Power Yoga is a more vigorous practice, but will be adapted to provide an appropriate challenge for your fitness level. Kids classes offer fun and gentle Hatha Yoga for kids ages 9 and up. Classes are $5-$10.
Private instruction and therapeutic sessions are available for individuals and small groups.
Our Teacher Training Program provides an excellent foundation in the philosophy of Raja Yoga, as well as the physical practices of Hatha Yoga. The 200-hour program is held on either Saturdays or Sundays, approximately twice a month for ten months, allowing you to gradually integrate the material into your personal practice. The total cost (including texts and materials) is $2000. Various payment options available.

Kate's Powerhouse
Address: 206 Post Office Place, Worcester Road (Rt. 31), Princeton, MA  01541 Kate's PowerHouse - Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Studio
Contact: Phone: (978) 514-2193  /  Email: katem [at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Kate Mellecker
Yoga Style: Power Yoga and Pure Yoga
Description: Kate's PowerHouse is a yoga, Pilates and fitness studio located in Princeton, Massachusetts - convenient to Holden, Sterling, Westminster and Worcester.
Kate Mellecker's classes include Power Yoga, Pilates and Interval Training.

Life Health - Louise Dorian
Address: 86 Old Mill Road, Harvard, MA  01451
Contact: Phone: (978) 772-2494  /  Email: louise [at]
Website:  |  Yoga & Dance Links
Instructors: Louise Dorian, Monique Dorian
Yoga Style: Hatha, Iyengar, Kripalu
Specialties: Prenatal yoga (certified), Ayurvedic counselor (certified), Yogilates (certified)
Description: Life Health celebrates life and women's health in a peaceful, wooded setting. We offer yoga classes, dance classes, and massage therapy.

Old Common Yoga and Wellness Center
Address: 57 Old Common Road, Auburn, MA  01501
- conveniently located near many major highways.
Contact: Phone: (508) 832-0607  /  Email: ltatoldcom [at]
Instructor: Loretta Tharp
Yoga Style: Hatha, Iyenger, Vinyasa, Old Common Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Frog Pond
Specialties: All ages, and flexibilities, small class size and individual attention
Description: Old Common Yoga is a unique Yoga Studio and Wellness Center which caters to small classes and the individual needs of each student. Our approach to yoga is an integral path taking the whole person in mind. A combination of breath, postures, and relaxation are used to help each individual achieve balance in their life.
Yoga practice at Old Common Yoga is a combination of styles including Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, and Frog Pond. In addition to our regular classes we also offer private lessons, special classes in your home, classes for the elderly, and classes in the work setting. We also offer special yoga therapy programs to help individuals who suffer from particular problems such as anxiety, depression, menopause, high blood pressure, etc.
At Old Common Yoga we think that yoga should be fun, enlightening, and help each individual to lead a healthy and happy life's journey. Our classes are for everyone regardless of age, strength or flexibility. We will work with each individual to help them reach their goal whether it is increased strength, weight loss, a balanced life, or an alternative approach to deal with a specific problem.
Retreats: We frequently hosts daily retreats and other yoga workshops and learning opportunities.

Southeastern Massachusetts

Path to Euphoria Yoga Studio
Address: 55 Pacific St, Rockland, Plymouth County  02370 Path to Euphoria Yoga Studio
Contact: Phone: (781) 763-PATH  /  Email: PathToEuphoria [at]
Website:  |  Contact Us
Instructor: Nicole McCarthy
Description: Path to Euphoria is an in-home yoga studio located in a residential neighborhood of Rockland, MA. The studio provides a cozy, intimate setting, offering semi-private classes.

Greater Boston:
(includes: Boston Metro, Merrimack Valley, North Shore, MetroWest and South Shore regions)

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