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Atmananda Yoga Sequence
Address: 67 Irving Place 2nd floor (btwn 18th & 19th St), New York, NY  10013
Contact: Phone: (212) 625-1511  /  Email: manager[at]
Yoga Style: Atmananda Yoga Sequence, vinyasa style sequence
Description: 200 and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training: Receive free unlimited classes until the end of your training!

Barefoot Tiger

Barefoot Tiger

Address: New York City In-home yoga! We are mobile and go to our client's location.
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Long Island.
inverted yoga pose
Contact: Phone: (917) 300-8604  /  Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructors: Kendra Coppey Fitzgerald, Alyssa Mann, Jessica Bonnema, Sara Little, Alethea Pace
Yoga Style: Vinyasa flow, Iyengar, beginners and advanced!
Description: Private one-on-one lessons.
Yoga has many benefits, both physical and mental:
  • Calms the nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Creates strength while improving balance and increasing flexibility
  • Creates mental clarity and focus, and increases bodily awareness
A yoga practice is very personal and different for each person. Originally taught one-on-one yoga instruction allowed for a deep understanding of each asana and an open forum to discover the philosophies behind the practice. We honor this ancient tradition in our private sessions and can help you take your practice to the next level with hands-on adjustments and personalized attention.

Divamukti - Jessie De La Rosa
Address: 45-07 25th Ave, NYC, NY  11103
Contact: Phone: (917) 916-6824  /  Email: jessie[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Jessie De La Rosa, Certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor
Description: Jessie offers private 1-on-1 classes at your home, hotel or office.
Jessie is named as one of 2008 Top 5 Yoga Instructors in the US by ExerciseTV.
All levels welcomed. Classes also available in either English or Spanish.

Donna Davidge Yoga
Address: 213 Mott Street #C1, New York, NY  10012
Contact: Phone: (646) 316-5151 (NY) toll free 888-235-2395  /  Email: amrita[at]
Website:  |  Yoga & Travel Links
Instructor: Donna Amrita Davidge
Yoga Style: Kundalini, also Hatha / Astanga
Description: Donna Amrita has been teaching in NY city almost 20 years and offers Kundalini classes, workshops and private sessions in your home or hers. Fee for privates is $125.
Retreats: She and her husband songwriter Kent Bonham also offer ongoing retreats in Northern Maine, a great location for New Yorkers to leave the city behind.

East West Rehab Institute
Address: 360 Cabrini Suite 3B, NY  10040
Contact: Phone: (212) 781-2626  /  Fax: (212) 781-2626  /  Email: BillGPT[at]
Website:  |  Health & Yoga Links
Instructors: Bill Gallagher PT, MS, CMT, CYT (Director) & Richard Sabel OT
Yoga Style: Restorative and Gentle Yoga Integrated with Physical Therapy
Specialties: Yoga to alleviate pain and reduce suffering
Description: The East West Rehab Institute is committed to the seamless integration of Eastern and Western therapies into rehabilitation. The Institute offers both continuing education for rehab professional and Integrative Physical Therapy for a broad spectrum of clients including elite performers and people with severe disabilities.
Bill Gallagher has developed a uniquely integrative approach to help people suffering from pain and disability. By integrating the Physical Therapy traditions of the East (Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Tuina) with cutting edge therapies of the West (Osteopathy, Biofeedback, Myofascial Release), Bill helps his clients maximize function & minimize pain. Through meditation instruction, guided imagery, biofeedback & other disciplines that work with the Mind-Body-Spirit, clients are further empowered to optimize function & comfort while reducing suffering.
Bill is recognized as an authority on Integrative/Mind Body/Complementary rehabilitation & teaches his visionary synthesis to both practicing rehab specialists & at several Physical Therapy schools incl. Columbia University.

The Flutter Light Studio
Locations: in different centers in Manhattan
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Lucy Norris
Specialties: Kids yoga/drama and dance.
Description: The studio was created when owner, Lucy Norris discovered how children in the city needed space, stimuli for creativity and an outlet for the energy they stored away each day. She wanted to help fight childhood obesity and also aim to help focus the children's imagination so that they could use their creativity to begin their pathway to becoming a performer.
At Flutter Light Studio we are proud to present Dreamlight Yoga. This original curriculum helps calm the children's energy with yoga poses and lets them express their personalities and creativity with drama games, activities and songs. The Flutter Light Studio has a range of classes suitable for all ages and we will make every effort to set up an affordable class that is close to your neighborhood.

Healthy Progressions Yoga
Address: 265 W 37th St. Suite 206, NY, NY 10018 Healthy Progressions Yoga
Contact: Phone: (315) 404-4098  /  Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Contact Us
Instructor: Alyssa Mancini
Yoga Style: Classical Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Kundalini
Description: Healthy Progressions Yoga offers classes rooted in classical hatha yoga that are accessible and easily enjoyed by everyone- no prior experience is required.
yoga schedule & new student specialstudio

Address: 56 E. 11th Street, New York ISHTA YOGA - 1 Month of Unlimited Yoga for $40 (new students only)
Contact: Phone: (212) 598-4800
Instructors: Alan Finger, Jean Koerner, Julie Wilcox, Sarah Platt, Mona Anand, Douglass Stewart, Peter Ferko, and more
Yoga Style: ISHTA
Specialties: Meditation, Restorative, Prenatal, Core Flow
Alan Finger ISHTA Yoga is the home of South African Tantric Yoga Master Alan Finger's unique system of yoga. At ISHTA we strive to bring you to the Tantric state of balance. Our style encourages contentment and calm through the melding of breath, flow, strength building, alignment and meditation. We seek to offer every type of student a truly well rounded yet specific practice. Get a total body workout in our Core Flow class; learn to re-center the mind and breath in meditation classes run by Alan himself; or combine both physical and meditative practices in our range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced flow classes. Whatever you choose, you will find yourself feeling better every day.

Julia Abramova / Jyoti Yoga & Healing
Locations: Workshops in NJ, NY, CT, PA;  Privates in NJ, NY;  Studio Classes in Clifton and Harrison, North Jersey Jyoti Yoga & Healing
Contact: Email: julia[at]
Instructor: Julia Abramova
Yoga Style: Vinyasa, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Restorative, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Counseling, Sound Healing, Reiki
Specialties: Group and private classes, workshops, retreats
Description: To promote equilibrium within the mind/body connection through the unified and synergistic application of the Ayurveda, Yoga, Energy and Sound Healing therapies.

Namaste Concierge
Address: New York City. Mobile at-home & corporate/private yoga & massage therapy. We go client's location or place of work. Manhattan, limited Brooklyn only. yoga teachers group
Contact: Phone: (413) 200-8230  /  Email: booking[at]
Website:  |  Our Blog
Specialties: Private yoga, on-site yoga, corporate yoga, stress management, mindfulness etc.
Description: We are a premiere, curated service provider of yoga professionals & licensed massage therapists.
Styles such Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kripalu, Anusara and more are represented.
Our licensed vetted therapists are trained in all major modalities:
  · Swedish   · Deep Tissue   · Pre-natal   · Thai massage   · Shiatsu   · Reiki
They provide service in home or corporate on-site chair massage, yoga or stress management classes.

New York New You
Locations: Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan & throughout New York City
Contact: Email: luisanoelle[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Luisa Noelle, Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor
Yoga Style: Private Yoga, Sports Yoga, Office Yoga, Kids Yoga
half wheel
head stand
Whether you are looking for an alternative to the gym, a way to enhance your spiritual awareness, that extra edge to your athletic career or just a fun and liberating way to defuse from everyday life, yoga offers benefits that affect your overall health and well being.
To reach your highest potential as an individual, it is crucial to establish a great understanding of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. With a regular yoga practice, one can gain a self awareness and relationship that helps to truly know what is important and what is wanted out of life. With knowing what you genuinely desire, paired with an understanding on how to work in harmony with yourself and the universe you will be able to gain a focus that helps you live your life to your fullest potential.
Private Yoga (and semi-private sessions):
Let's devise a fun yoga plan that works for you and your friends. A personal yoga practice (like many other things in life ;) gets better with practice. Also, you will reap more personal health benefits. To design a yoga plan that caters to your needs, lifestyle, goals, budget and schedule please email me at
Special Workshops:
Contact me for designing the perfect workshop for your groups needs. The sky is the limit for fun with workshops that incorporate my experience with yoga, background in athletics and expertise in muscular endurance, speed and agility.
Learn more about my services & experience by visiting me here:,

Private Yoga Instruction, NYC
Address: On-site/your home or office in New York City, NY Vivinne (Kala) Williams
Contact: Phone: (413) 200-8230
Instructor: Vivinne (Kala) Williams
Yoga Style: Unique blend of Kripalu, Vinyasa with mindfulness meditation & awareness of the subtle body/chakras.
Description: Each session is adapted to each student, and their condition, goals and needs. Unique blend of Kripalu, Vinyasa with mindfulness meditation & awareness of the subtle body/chakras.
I learned that self-love & self-care are the KEY. It's the "put the oxygen mask on yourself first" theory.
We cannot fill anyone else up unless we lovingly care for ourselves. Or at least you can't sustainably care for anyone else... I should say. My training and practice in Kripalu, Ashtanga and Kundalini yogas and my ongoing intensive meditation practice have given me many tools to share with you. I also have extensive training in the body via massage therapy studies.

Ramakrishna - Vivekananda Center of New York
Address: 17 East 94th Street, NYC -
Minister: Swami Yuktatmananda, Spiritual Leader
Yoga Style: Vedanta
Description: The Center bases its teachings on the System of Vedanta, which combines both the religion and philosophy of the Hindus, especially as explained by Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886), his wife and spiritual companion Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi (1853-1920) and his disciple Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) and demonstrated in their lives.
Vedanta teaches that every soul is potentially divine, and that its divinity may be manifested through worship, contemplation, unselfish work, and philosophical discrimination. It preaches the unity of the Godhead, or ultimate Reality, and accepts every faith as a valid means for its own followers to realize the Truth.
The Center seeks to stimulate the growth of the individual's innate spirituality through lectures, discourses, publications, and individual guidance.

Supatha YogaSupatha Yoga

Supatha Yoga

Address: PIER 60, NYC, NY  10010
Contact: Phone: (908) 996-9642  /  Email: Lakshmi[at]
Instructor: Lakshmi Devi
Yoga Style: Integral, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, Flow Yoga, Therapeutic, Pre-Natal, Chair Yoga
Specialties: Therapeutic, Back Care, Yoga for Cyclist, Scoliosis and Practicing Yoga, Safe Yoga for Osteoporosis, Structural Alignment Techniques, REIKI, Yoga for Depression
Description: Lakshmi offers weekly Yoga, Pilates and fitness classes at multiple levels and styles, including personalized training programs, Reiki, Kids Yoga, Pre-Natal Programs & Specialty workshops. Yoga Alliance 200 & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification courses coming in 2011.
Lakshmi has been practicing yoga for over 36 years and has been a full time teacher and REIKI Master since 1983. In 1999 Sri Devi developed SUPATHA® integrating her extensive education & training in various disciplines' of Yoga & Personal Fitness. Her many years of hands on experience enables her to give personal attention to each student, creating a safe and nurturing environment for practice.
"Lakshmi's joyful, compassionate sense of humor, along with her creative ¼ series sequencing makes each class Fresh & Fun"
"...guiding her students in a gentle non-competitive way, with detailed, easy to follow instructions, helping you achieve proper structural alignment and healthy joint range of motion; accommodating current abilities and offering attainable challenges." - Adriane Arpels.
"Come find your still point in this ever changing world".

Vital Signs Fitness/Yoga by Deb
Address: 399 E 72 St, NY, NY  10021
Contact: Phone: (917) 826-9083  /  Email: deb[at]
Instructor: Deborah Caruana
Yoga Style: Hatha Vinyassa, Yoga Nidra, Gentle
Specialties: prenatal, beginner, advanced, 12 step yoga

Deborah Caruana

I offer private yoga and small group Yoga & Fitness classes tailored to your needs. In your home, office or my studio at 399 E 72 St. Upper East Side Manhattan.
Private & Small group yoga to build a strong & safe foundation and take you beyond your current practice. To unleash your energy! To Empower you! To discover your fullest expression of you, your practice and your life. Find your inner Vital self.
Being down to earth, I am serious about having fun and getting results. I love sharing my extensive training & knowledge of the age-old systems of yoga and contemporary fitness systems plus coaching. Experience their benefits and share in the results and success they've created for 25 yrs. Cruise around my site, visit my blog, find out about me, my clients and ask questions. I Love to hear from you.
asanaoutdoor yoga class
 · Licensed Registered Rehab Nurse
 · 500 Hr. RYT Registered Yoga Instructor 
 · 300 Hr with Ishta Yogiraj Alan Finger
 · Pre & Post Natal Maternity Specialist             
 · Certified Personal Fitness Trainer - NASM
 · Lifestyle Yoga/Fitness Coach/Maternal Fitness

Locations: NYC Metro, Yonkers and Tuckahoe
Contact: Phone: (914) 961-8005  /  Email: louise[at]
Website: Email:  |  Email:
Instructor: Louise Fecher
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga
Description: I first learned about yoga in the 1970s, when I was in high school. I came across a yoga program on public television and watched it regularly after school. The instructor offered a simple routine, mostly floor based with mild stretches. I discovered that I was naturally flexible, and became more so with the yoga practice. As an adult, I signed up for yoga classes through The Open Center and other venues in Manhattan. When my husband and I moved to Yonkers in 1998, I was delighted to find a wonderful yoga studio in nearby Tuckahoe. I began taking classes at Yoga Haven, first with Jill Ganassi and then Ann Casapini, both inspiring teachers.
In Fall 2004, I signed up for the 200-hour teacher training program developed by Yoga Haven's founder, Betsy Kase. I completed the training in 2005, registered with Yoga Alliance, and began teaching in several locations, including Yoga Haven.
Since then, I've continued my studies though workshops and trainings in Westchester and Manhattan (including day-long intensives with Gary Kraftsow and John Friend). In 2007, I was certified to teach Restorative yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater; that same year I completed a prenatal yoga teaching program taught by Janice Clarfield. In 2009, I began training in advanced Restorative yoga with Judith Lasater at Om Yoga in New York City.
During the past five years, I have taught at yoga studios, senior centers, schools, corporations, and healthcare facilities. I could teach in the middle of a shopping mall if I had to-yoga works anywhere! My students have included seasoned practitioners and novices, eager teenagers, and savvy seniors (both active and sedentary). I enjoy helping my students develop flexibility and strength, but most important, I hope my students leave class feeling relaxed and ready to share a smile.

Yoga Flow on the Go
Address: Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, New York
Contact: Email: Corinne[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Yoga Style: Hatha
Description: Yoga Comes to You! Practice yoga in the convenience of your own home or desired location. Anywhere, Anytime!
Yoga Flow on the Go will come to any location in New York, from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

Yoga with Mia
Address: Manhattan, NY
Contact: Phone: (347) 439-8414  /  Email: miahowardyoga[at]
Instructor: Mia Howard, RYT-500, LSW, MA, MS Ed.
Yoga Style: Therapeutic, Hatha, Structural, Iyengar, Kundalini
Specialties: Yoga Therapy, Children, Seniors, People with special needs, Adolescent, Caregiver and Child
Description: Yoga therapy for people of all ages and abilities, in your home or office. Public Group Classes in Hackensack, NJ and in Teaneck, NJ currently. Safe, healing, uplifting yoga for all. Namaste.

Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio
Address: 155 W. 72nd Street, #601 (between Amsterdam & Columbus), New York City Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio
Contact: Phone: (347) 762-9642  /  Email: zenyasastudio[at]
Instructors: Jason R. Brown, Frances Taylor-Brown, Lynda Sing, Jessica Phillips, Grace Perez, Meghan Nichols, Dana Melillo, Catherine Kapphahn and Kathe Hannauer
Yoga Style: Zenyasa®
Description: The Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio is located in an intimate space on West 72nd Street, between Amsterdam & Columbus. We offer small group yoga classes in the Zenyasa® style, bodywork services, yoga teacher training programs, and in-depth courses in musculo-skeletal anatomy for both aspiring and established yoga teachers.
Zenyasa® is a contemporary style of yoga that incorporates elements of Zen Buddhism, "Slow-Flow" Yoga, and Functional Strength Training. Each class includes zazen (seated meditation), slow-paced but challenging warm-up sequences and a five-element class theme that addresses specific muscle groups and meridian pathways. These five-element themes are systematically alternated to ensure a well-balanced practice that strengthens and stretches every major muscle in the body and encourages the flow of Qi through all of the major meridian pathways.

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