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Across Texas

Brahma Kumaris® World Spiritual Organization
Locations: San Antonio (main center), Houston, Austin and Dallas - View Addresses
Yoga Style: Raja Yoga Meditation
Description: We offer Raja Yoga Meditation classes in 3 levels. Start with the Basic level and work up to the Advanced level. All classes are free of charge. Registration is required.
Texas is the birthplace of Brahma Kumaris in the Americas. The Brahma Kumaris meditation centers in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are part of The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization (BKWSO).

Corpus Christi Yoga ~ Gulf Coast

There are no Corpus Christi yoga studio listings at this time.
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Houston & Area Yoga ~ Gulf Coast

Nurture Soul Therapeutics
Address: 13143 Oakwood Manor Dr. Cypress, Tx  77429
Contact: Phone: (713) 855-7460  /  Email: rose [at]
Instructor: Rosangela (Rose) Silva
Yoga Style: Integrative Yoga Therapy, Life Force Yoga, Relax & Renew
Specialties: Yoga Therapy, Gentle Yoga, Licensed Massage Therapist, Thay Yoga, Reiki, Colortherapy, Aromatherapy, Infrared Sauna.
Description: Rose Silva started her yoga journey in 2000.
Professional Yoga Therapist customize yoga for private students, or group classes to suit the needs of the students.
Integrative Yoga Therapy is a complete science that cultivates and maintains the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the individual. The non-competitive approach and meditative exploration of the practices of Integrative Yoga Therapy create an indrawn awareness allowing the student to come in touch with deeper and more subtle aspects of their being.
My practice has been greatly influenced by teachers such as Joseph and Lilian Le Page, Cathy Prescott, Genevieve Yellin, Judith Lasater, Maria KaliMa, Beth Gibbs, Cheryl Van Denmark, Emy Weintraub, Jennifer Reis, Richard Miller, Lex Gillan and Sharon Kapp.
Certifications Include:
· 200 hour certification at Houston Yoga Institute - 2008
· Integrative 500 hour Yoga Therapy Program (PYT 500) with Joseph and Lillian Le Page - June /August 2012
· Currently working on 1000 Mentorship at IYT
· Licenced Massage Therapist - 2010
· Life Force Yoga I Practitioner - 2013
· Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist - 2013
· Relax and Renew I Yoga Therapist - 2013
E-RYT500 (Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 500hrs)
PYT500 (Professional Yoga Therapist 500hrs)
LMT (Licenced Massage Therapist)
TSYT (Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist)
Relax & Renew Yoga Therapist
Life Force Yoga I Practitioner (Yoga for Depression and Anxiety)
Reiki Practitioner (Mikao Usui level III, Karuna Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki, Magnified Healing)
Master Degree in Actuary Science (Brazil)

Yoga Heart Studio
Address: 5959 Wertheimer Suite 210, Houston, TX  77057
Contact: Phone: (281) 687-0647  /  Email: selise.stewart[at]
Instructor: Selise Stewart
Yoga Style: Iyengar Yoga
Description: We specialize in Beginner Yoga Classes, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Restorative Yoga Classes. We bring in Professional Instructors each month for special workshops who offer a variety of teachings. Additional classes on our schedule include: Tai Chi, Argentine Tango and Yamuna Body Rolling.

Yoga Hmmm Houston
Address: 1801 S. Dairy Ashford, Houston, TX  77077
Contact: Phone: (281) 558-3497
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructors: Kathryn Bumbaugh, Kalpana Peck, Mary Opperman, Cheryl M. Perry
Yoga Style: Classical Yoga
Description: Classes, retreats, workshops, Ayurveda and massage in West Houston.

Yoga Rasa
Address: 3800R Spencer Hwy @ Burke, Houston, TX  77504 Yoga Rasa
Contact: Phone: (713) 941-9642  /  Email: virarasa [at]
Website:  |  Health & Yoga Links
Instructors: Tracie Brace, Liz Antognoli
Yoga Style: Hatha, Raja, Vinyasa, Teacher Training, Ayurveda
Description: Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, Ongoing Teacher Training, 15+ Yoga classes per week, Private Lessons, Wellness Forums, certified Yoga Teachers, Ayurvedic and Wellness Consultations, Workshops in Ayurveda - Yoga - Vedanta - philosophy/psychology.
Bookstore and Yoga Shop with extensive selection of books, music, CDs, tapes, DVDs, clothes, jewelry and more.

Port Neches Yoga ~ Gulf Coast

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT
Address: 2841 10th St. Port Neches, TX  77651
Contact: Phone: (409) 727-3177  /  Email: yogawithgaileee [at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Gail Pickens-Barger, E-RYT
Yoga Style: Prenatal, Hatha, Yoga for Golfers
Specialties: Gentle Beginning Yoga, Fat Burning Yoga, Chair and Water Yoga
Description: Discover how to: lose weight, eliminate your stress, increase your flexibility, build your strength using Yoga. What happens in a class is for the first time, you'll register and sign in, I'll discuss with you any body issues that you may have (back, carpel tunnel syndrome, balance, surgeries, high blood pressure, etc.)
Class is typically 60 minutes in length. Each class will begin with warm-up and stretching. The warm-up is then followed by focused breathing, then a series of poses that gently work the entire body. After the exercises there is a period of physical and mental relaxation and reflection.

Austin Yoga ~ Central TX

Expanding Paradigms
Address: Cafe' Dance Studio, Hancock Dr. & Balcones, Austin, TX  78731 Expanding Paradigms -
Contact: Phone: (512) 459-2267  /  Email: charles [at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Charles MacInerney
Yoga Style: Hatha, Raja, Pranayama, dharana, pratyahara
Description: Hatha Yoga ongoing classes offered in Austin, Texas.
Retreats: Workshops and retreats offered throughout the US, Mexico and Guatemala.

Guided Meditation Treks
Address: Austin, Texas Guided Meditation Treks
Contact: Phone: (512) 333-2264  /  Email: info [at]
Instructor: Russell Dobda
Yoga Style: Hatha, Kundalini Yoga, Guided Meditation
Description: Russell Eric Dobda offers minds-eye visualizations from spoken word, binaural beats, and other sound healing technologies such as waterfalls and ambient music to help you connect to your higher self.

Yoga Illumined
Address: The Shops at Soco, 3801 South Congress, Suite 111, Austin, TX  78704 Yoga Illumined
Contact: Phone: (512) 645-0434  /  Email: yogaillumined [at]
Instructors: Kristina Lanuza, Zoe Mantarakis, Jen Hitt, Nanette Labastida, Camille Philips, Kate Smallwood, Heather Oswalt, Robin Chapman, Anna Kamburis, Susannah Raulino, Myra Simmons, Stacey Gilmore
Yoga Style: Inspired Hatha Yoga, Shakti Vinyasa, Sunset Slowdown Restorative, Yoga for Athletes, Family Yoga, YogaHike, Agni Hotra, Thriver Yoga
Specialties: Yoga Classes, Group Practice, Community Class, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Lifestyle Programs
Description: Yoga Illumined's mission is to illuminate your daily life with the transformative practices of Yoga. Our programs include daily Yoga classes, immersions, lifestyle training programs, workshops, retreats, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Yoga philosophy, meditation and 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses. Yoga Illumined is a Lifestyle, a way to live in harmony with your true Nature.
Yoga Illumined Studio hosts a variety of Yoga Illumined styles of practice suitable for the bodies, hearts and minds of all: from new beginners to the most advanced practitioners. Yoga Illumined teaches the 8-limb system of Yoga as described by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Classes range from athletic Hatha and Vinyasa classes to soothing and therapeutic breath-work, healing and restorative asana classes.
Yoga Illumined 200 Hour-Teacher Training
Sumukhi (Kristina Lanuza) and Zoe Mantarakis guide you into a deeper understanding of Yoga and its practices for enlightening and freeing the mind and the heart through their Yoga Illumined 200-Hour Teacher Training program. In it, you learn the 8-limb system (Ashtanga) as taught by Patanjali - which includes guidelines for strengthening the spiritual, mental, psychic, pranic and physical body through Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to help you embody the most expanded state of enlightenment (Samadhi). You also learn how to speak from your true Voice in every aspect of your life and as a Yoga Teacher.
Yoga Illumined Ayurveda
Taught by Kerry Meath-Sinkin, Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza and Zoe Mantarakis, Yoga Illumined Ayurveda's curriculum (Both online and live via retreats and classes) includes two tracks for you to choose from:
1) Yoga Illumined Ayurveda Life - for those of you who wish to bring Yoga and Ayurveda wisdom into your daily life.
2) Yoga Illumined Ayurveda Teacher Training - for those of you who are teachers of Yoga who wish to add Ayurveda into your repertoire or new teachers who want a stronger emphasis on Ayurveda in your teaching style.
Zoe + SumukhiCastle Hill yoga group pic200 Hour Yoga Teacher Tranining
Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza and Zoe Mantarakis are the founders and co-owners of Yoga Illumined, LLC.

Yoga Meditation Group
Address: Various locations in Austin, mostly NW Austin, and we can also come to you. Some classes can be done by email.
Contact: Phone: (512) 622-4856  /  Email: yogameditation [at]
Instructor: Lisa Davis
Yoga Style: Classical Hatha Yoga and Bhakti Yoga
Specialties: Yoga Meditation, Yoga Exercise, and Yoga Diet & Lifestyle for all ages and schools.
Description: The Yoga Meditation Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching yoga in all its aspects to adults, teens, children, and schools. Classes include Yoga Meditation, Yoga Exercise, and Yoga Diet & Lifestyle and are free or low cost. We teach at various locations, mostly in NW Austin, and we can also come to you or offer some classes by email. Please see our website for more information:

Eastern Texas Yoga

Yama Yoga Studio
Address: 400 E. State Hwy. 243, Suite 5, Canton, TX  75103
Contact: Phone: (903) 316-9471  /  Email: summer [at]
Instructor: Summer Smith ERYT
Yoga Style: Hatha, Restorative, Stretch, Vinyasa

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