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Directory of German and Austrian Yoga Holiday Providers with on-going Retreats
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AcroYoga Retreats with Sophia and Winni Ruhs

Contact: Germany / Phone: +49 179 4325545 AcroYoga Retreats with Sophia and Winni Ruhs
Retreats: Retreats in Bavaria, Germany
Instructors: Sophia and Winni Ruhs
Yoga Style: AcroYoga, Vinyasa Flow, Thai massage, Bhakti
Description: Winni & Sophia are both passionate yogis and bodyworkers, who are able to transmit their joy and knowledge to students in a deep yet playful way. They both teach Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, AcroYoga®) and Thai massage and are blissful nomadic yoga gypsies on a mission to spread peace and love in the hearts of people all over the world!
partner asanayoga circleasana

Ashtanga Yoga Urlaube - Yoga Studio Karuna

Contact: Fürth, Germany  /  Tel: +49-(0)911-2753713 Massage und Yoga Studio Karuna
Retreats: World-wide yoga holidays in different countries.
Language of instruction is German; English also possible.
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Karin M. Schmidl
Yoga Style: mainly: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. also: Satyananda/Shivananda Yoga, Yin Yoga

Feel Good Travel

Feel Good Travel

Contact: Stuttgart, Germany  /  Tel: 0711-95866400  /  Email: corin [at]
Retreats: Wellness & Yoga Holidays in North Thailand, Tours available in English and German.
Website:  |  Thailand Travel Links
Instructors: Chariya Smith, Joanna Ibbett
Yoga Style: Pranayana, Hatha, Pilates, Ashtanga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation
Description: Feel Good Travel is your specialist for Yoga and Meditation in Thailand:
 · Packages in the field of health, detox, wellness, traditional Thai medicine, culture and adventure
 · Workshops on Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Esoteric therapies and Thai massage courses
 · Day trips and excursions with English speaking tour guides
Beschreibung: Feel Good Travel ist ihr Wellness-Thailand-Spezialist:
 · Packages im Bereich Wellness, Detox, Culture und Adventure
 · Workshops für Yoga, Tai Chi und Chi Gong, Kurse in Thai Massage
 · Tagestouren und Ausflüge mit Deutschsprachigem Reiseführer

Home of Om... Ayurveda Cook Workshops & Yoga Retreat Weekends

Contact: St. Pölten, Austria  /  Tel.: Judith 0676/7226588, Angus 0676/9216311
Email: hathayoga [at]
Home of Om
Retreats: Yoga retreat weekends in the mountains near St. Polten, Austria.
Classes are taught in German and in English.
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Description: We teach Hatha yoga classes in and around St. Polten. We teach Ayurveda cook workshops three or four time each year and a wonderful four days yoga retreat takes place twice a year in the mountains near St. Polten. For more information about our next retreat please see our Retreats & Workshops page.
Yoga and Ayurveda Weekend in the Austrian Alps near ViennaYoga in der NaturSurya Namaskara im eigenen Tempo

Inbound Yoga Club

Inbound Yoga Club e.V.

Contact: Invalidenstr. 145, 10115 Berlin
Tours: Yoga Tours across the Globe, All Tours are in German.
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructors: Pati (Thomas Fiedler), Gauramrita (Claudia Baltodano Valverde)
Yoga Style: Inbound Yoga (a combination of Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga)
Description: With Inbound Yoga we offer a unique approach to yoga as a life style. Besides courses one of the most important parts of Inbound Yoga is travelling to various special places across the planet. Travelling is a perfect way to leave behind all-days routine and get new ideas about life. We offer travelling in a conscious way that everyone can receive the greatest spiritual benefits from our tours. Get to know the roots of yoga in ancient India or experience the breathtaking beauty of our homeworld in Ecuador! Join us on an amazing trip into self realization!
Beschreibung: Der Inbound Yoga Club e.V. bietet Rundreisen in verschiedenen Ländern, wie Indien und Ecuador, an. Besonders sind bei uns der intensive respektvolle Kontakt mit den einheimischen Kulturen und die Möglichkeit, exotische Plätze mit atemberaubender Natur und Jahrtausende alter Geschichte kennenzulernen.

Simple Wisdom

Simple Wisdom Yoga - Florian Palzinsky

Contact: Austria: +43 699 8136 8454  /  Email: simplewisdom [at]
Retreats: Yoga-Meditation-Workshops and classes in Europe and Asia. Instruction in English and German Languages.
Website:  |  Yoga Links
English Locations and Tour Dates: Florian's Yoga Workshops, Retreats & Holidays
Deutsch/German: Yoga-Termine von Workshops, Ferien, Holidays und Wochenenden
Instructor: Florian lived as a Buddhist monk in Asia for 12 years. His alignment focused yoga-teaching is based on the tradition of BKS Iyengar and other yoga-masters.
Description: The yoga is presented in a mindful, challenging and alignment-based style. A combination of classical and unconventional Asanas with Meditation and Pranayama provide inspiration to deepen and develop your own practice. Suitable for experienced students and beginners.

Tribe: 200hr & 500hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, Thailand, Spain, Austria and the UK!

Contact: Austria  /  Email: info [at] Tribe Yoga
Retreats: Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in India, Thailand, Austria, UK and Spain. Language: English.
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha
Specialties: Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting
Description Tribe is a collective of independent yoga practitioners who devote their life to conscious living.
The teachers that you meet through Tribe share a common school of thought that yoga is a lifestyle, an attitude and ever present guide to a richer and fuller experience of oneself and the world one lives in.
Tribe invites all yoga lovers to join us for spiritual journeys of self study and development on 200hr and 500hr Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Goa and Rishikesh: India, Chiang Mai: Thailand, Austria, UK and Spain.

Yoga Retreat am Toten Meer

Urlaubsort: Villa "Ananda" in Arad, Israel Ananda
Lehrer: Slava Anand.  Tel: +972 52 3067095  /  Email: slava.anand [at]
Yogastil: Ananda Yoga
Beschreibung: Diesen Retreat leitet ein zertifizierter Yoga- und Meditationlehrer, der in Indien, den USA und Italien bei Yoga- Meistern studierte.
Dieses Programm umfasst:
• Den ganzen Komplex der Reinigung, Verjüngung und Immunsystemstärkung
• Anhebung der Lebensenergie durch verschiedene Trainings Übungen und Yoga-Therapie
• Eine Tiefenreinigung des Körpers mit auch gesunde Diät (frisches Obst und Gemüse)
• Meditationen morgens und abends
• die Harmonisierung der Chakren mit dem Harmonium, indischen Ragas und vedischen Mantren.
• Reinigungzeremonie
• Baden im Toten Meer
• Wandern in den Bergen



Contact: Germany  /  Email: oliver [at] Yoga der Elemente
Address: Several Quintas and Resorts. Algarve, Portugal.
Yoga Style: Integral hatha yoga, integration of flow elements
Specialties: Yoga and nature experiences
Description: Beautiful yoga and nature holidays in the stunning Algarve. Meditation on the cliffs, asanas at the beach, pranayama on top of the coastal mountains. From yoga combined with hiking, yoga in the almond flowering to really chilled out, meditative yoga weeks - with us you will enjoy an inspired yoga holiday in southern Portugal.
Yoga der ElementeSteffi Halbmond
Concerning accommodation we have got various choices from rural quintas to 4* resorts. Namasté, Oliver

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